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Both of my grandfathers and my father were alcoholics. My Mom was really worried about me and my brother, she didn't really worry about our three sisters.

I had a similar moment while in college. I got to where I was having a drink every evening while studying. I suddenly realized that I couldn't study without that drink in front of me.

That actually scared me since I did not want to end up like my dad. That was my wake up call so to speak even if it was tiny compared to others. That was 30 years ago.

Since then I have been diagnosed with Crohn's and also have had a couple of bouts with depression. So alcohol is best avoided with both of those.

I do have an occasional drink but any alcohol I buy last a long time.

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Originally Posted by 5-90 View Post
Interesting. So, no identifiable precipitating event/condition, then...
Then... what?


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sounds like you are a 23 year old Georgia guy.

While alcoholism can be genetic, I don't think its something you should worry about at the moment. So you want some more? drink more. Just know when you've had enough. I know, easy to say; but it's all about observation and self accountability. Take it from a prior Sailor: you learn what you can and cant take. if you ignore the signals your body is sending you and your intuition and common sense, you'll fall into a world of hurt up to and including bad habits and addictions.

If you know there is a family history, its fine. have a drink with your boys and whatnot. Just don't let yourself go crazy.

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Originally Posted by TedderX_ View Post
Then... what?
Here's some options:
  • then keep away from the booze
  • then find the nearest midget and, well, you know...
  • then drink your life away like falling asleep. Slowly at first, then all at once.
  • then find something else wrong with you
  • then buy more booze
  • then than a then, then.
  • then don't worry about it?

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If someone told me that because of a genetic trait from my grandfather and father there was a pretty good chance that if I ate pears I would get stomach cancer, I think I'd skip the pears. You can tell if you are prone to alcoholism just by what you are willing to risk in order to drink.

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I don't remember any proof that it is genetic. But there is a definite correlation to environmental. If you grew up around alchoholics then you have a definite increased tendency towards alchoholism.
There are also links to chemical imbalances that show an increased addictive tendency, to alchohol or anything else. Whether those are geneticly from before birth or developmentally from diet caused still is also debated.

Bottom line if you crave a good drunk once in a blue moon you aren't an alchoholic.
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Here is an interesting paper from the National Institute of Health on the subject of genetic links to alcoholism:,d.dmg

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Been on vacation since the 18th. Must have drank 90 cans of bud light so far. Problem or not?

Originally Posted by Poke View Post
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Genetic choose who you are.

90 plus while on va/ca did you drive or hurt anyone else in the process?
Then nope, only see two small problems.
One: the bud're better than this
Two: 90, i think you got 100 in
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In all seriousness:

Alcohol can cause havoc.
Drink responsible and if you feel like you may have an issue talk with friends/ family or join a support group.
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No. Alcoholism isn't genetic. My sisters both don't drink, and I drink like a sieve.

/Thread and HTH

Originally Posted by bradthebard
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Originally Posted by vindicated View Post
No. Alcoholism isn't genetic. My sisters both don't drink, and I drink like a sieve.

/Thread and HTH
Alcoholism its self isn't genetic, but some have a genetic predisposition to become alcoholics. If those who are predisposed to be alcoholics never drink then they won't become alcoholics, but if they start drinking some then they have a much higher chance to become an alcoholic as opposed to those who don't have the genetic predisposition.

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My father died in great part to alcoholism. His generation drank heavily and it is quite rampant in my culture. Slavic people enjoy potato and grain spirits to large extent; it's like wine is for a Frenchman (only that we're generally not pu**ies like the French).

I tend to drink moderare to heavy on weekends: vodka and whiskey (plus beer, but it's too heavy in the stomach/digestion). I share your concern over genetics, yet I still drink. I'm never drunk or intoxicated to where I drive or become a danger to self or others; just have a point at which I say "it's enough."

The upside is that I know my limits with my high tolerance [I weigh 225 pounds and should probably lose 10 of those pounds]; downside is that I'm likely damaging my liver and health.
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