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Trendsetter75 06-23-2014 03:20 PM

2014-15 NHL Season
Figure I start a new thread for the new season starting in a few months, I saw the new schedule is out how many of you like the new schedule.

Trendsetter75 06-23-2014 07:03 PM

Flyers traded Hartnell to the Blue Jackets

Trendsetter75 06-28-2014 07:54 PM

Alot of big trades going on

2006_Sport 06-28-2014 08:34 PM

Caps drafting forwards they don't need instead of defense.

Typical. But I am VERY confident in the coaching staff that's been hired this year. Got Trotz as HNIC, Korn as the goalie coach (made Rinne what he is, a boss) Got the Pens Assistant coach who was very solid in Pitt. Still kinda iffy on the new GM cause he was so close with GMGM but only time will tell.

Just so interested in seeing if Ovi changes his game to adapt to Trotz.

Hurley91 06-28-2014 09:25 PM

It will be interesting to see how Polak does. I really like Nylander. I think he'll do very well. The Leafs need to overhaul our defence. Our offence is great, but D is where we need help big time. Phaneuf doesn't know where he is half the time. Hopefully we can trade him, or he steps up big time this season.

2006_Sport 07-01-2014 11:34 AM

Caps just gave a horrible contract to Brooks Orpik and a good one to Justin Peters.

Ironhead 07-01-2014 11:45 AM

loving the offseason so far, just wish the cap would have gone up a bit. i have a feeling two max contracts are about to be signed

Trendsetter75 07-01-2014 12:50 PM

Pouliot to Oilers and Miller to Vancouver

Trendsetter75 07-01-2014 12:51 PM

Dan Boyle to the Rangers

2006_Sport 07-01-2014 02:00 PM

Iggy going to the Avs is going to give that young team a ton of experience. They are gonna have a good season again for sure.

Ironhead 07-01-2014 02:04 PM

Ryan Miller to the canucks

2006_Sport 07-01-2014 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by Ironhead (Post 23974026)
Ryan Miller to the canucks

With a modified NTC as well. I think it was a dumb move because it's the canucks but I hope he does well.

2006_Sport 07-01-2014 02:58 PM

Caps just signed Niskanen to a 7 year 40 million dollar contract. Say bye to Mike Green.

Trendsetter75 07-01-2014 03:02 PM

Stastny to Blues Spezza to Dallas

Ironhead 07-01-2014 03:46 PM

Brad Richards.....come on down

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