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dietz31684 06-16-2013 05:19 PM

Worn caliper pistons
Hey everyone,

I'm live in PA and took my car in for the required annual safety inspection. I went to pep boys who I usually have do my inspections and they said I need new calipers up front along with pads and rotors. I have no problem with the pads and rotors but was kind of surprised about the calipers. So I asked what exactly was the problem with the calipers. The clerk went and talked to the mechanic and said that the piston is a plastic material and it's worn out...umm okay. They wanted some ungodly amount of money to do all of the work so I politely passed. I've had good luck in the past with this particular pep boys passing my car with out giving me too much trouble, so I don't know what to think. I wouldn't trust them to do any repair beyond a tire install though...

Does this sound reasonable or BS? The car drives fine and I have no problems braking. It's actually very smooth while braking. If it does need the part I have no problem fixing it but how do I know for sure. What does a worn piston look like? Will it be obvious? I wish they would have shown me what the problem was before they but it back together.

2005 - 126k miles - 3.7

Thanks for reading all that and any replies.

mort1mor 06-16-2013 06:53 PM

Yes it does as far as the caliper being , crapped , i have a3.7 2007 wk the back rotors and pads wore worn at 55,000 had them changed no biggie, just went to advanced ( by the way 122,000) on it now this all occured a month ago, but I got the platinum pads took off calipers and the inside pads damn almost no weAr, outside gone, so he'll il just fix it and I got the bolt out and cleaned out the bad bolt hole in caliper causing it to wear out the outside pads and not really distribute any wear to inside beacause the bolt wad rusty, cleaned real well greased up and reused the same bolt and caliper As of today 14,000 miles later EVEN WHERE ON BORH SIDES AND MONEY SAVED, but yes the bolts are not plastic though, there is a rubber sleeve on the bottom end about an inch in length I just cut where the problem (small tear in rubber about 1/4 inch across so ) it happens but with a little elbow grease save your dough and do it yourself if not just tell them u will get the parts pads 40$ platiinum, caliper if needed 25 $ with core do good luck, trey holler if questions

dietz31684 06-17-2013 07:38 PM

Thanks for the heads up trey. I went ahead and replaced them and they were indeed pretty worn. The passenger side pads were worn very unevenly also so probably sticking. The rubber wasn't in bad shape but the piston face that pushes against the outside of the pads was pretty chipped up. The job was very easy, went surprisingly smooth, and was done in about 2 for clean up...

$270 sucks but it sure beats the $750 they wanted for a 2 hour job.

The time now is 10:36 PM.

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