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bmac13579 06-17-2013 01:56 PM

WK start up in 4low?
Hey guys!

I'm not usually one to post a thread because I usually find my answers after doing a bit of research, but a couple days ago I went to start my '07 WK 4.7L QTII and when I turned the key to the Accessory position, the transfer case shifted itself into 4low without me doing anything (Still in park, and not pulling up on the handle).
This has been the only time this has happened and it caught me off guard.

Yesterday when I started it, it started normally (in 4high not 4low) but it seemed to have turned the ESC off (as if I pushed the button once) and the amber indicator in the instrument cluster illuminated.
I pushed the 'ESC off' button once to turn it back on and the indicator in the cluster turned off.

Has any of these things happened to anyone else?
Should I be worried about a sensor or something more severe starting to wear out?

Any insight into this occurrence would be greatly appreciated.



scott02ws6 06-17-2013 03:33 PM

This happened to me as well but at the same time I was having an issue with my alarms remote start effecting the ignition. It only happened once and that was with the remote start. Did you have anything else happen? At the time of mine, all my interior lights went off then back on, including the dash indicators (4low, seatbelt, etc...) I put the key in, switched to 4hi, turn the Jeep of then back on and everything was back to normal

bmac13579 06-17-2013 04:53 PM

I didn't use the remote start on mine. I unlocked the door via the key fob; sat in the drivers seat; put the key in the ignition and into the accessory position; and all I heard was the transfer case shift into 4low without me taking the Jeep out of park or touching the 4low shifter handle.
The truck started perfectly fine with it in 4low and that's when I put it back into 4high and went on my way.
There were no signs of hesitation, or weird shifts after this and it's running fine now.

When this happened I didn't notice any abnormal light flashing (both interior or dash indicators), then again it was daytime; so maybe I didn't notice it.

It was just a crazy-random happen-stance.

The time now is 03:21 PM.

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