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EthanC23 09-29-2013 11:55 AM

WK (or possibly XK) Headlight wiring colours
Alright, so I'm looking to wire up some halo fogs and as everyone knows there is a plug and play socket for the H3 bulb, and a pos and neg for the halo LEDs. Basically, I need to wire the halo to the parking light. Instead of ripping up the bumper just to find out which wires go to the parking light, can someone out there tell me what colour the positive and negative for the parking light is? All of the wires run through to the bottom of the bumper meaning I don't need to take it off and I can just go underneath instead, but I can't tell which wire goes to what. Anyone with a colour coded headlight wiring diagram or who can just say what colour goes to the parks will be greatly appreciated.

EthanC23 09-30-2013 07:46 PM

Ok well since I couldn't figure out the colour scheme I looked into it a bit deeper. Apparently the wires from the headlights go into some sort of ballast, meaning that all of the wire colours change between the headlamp and the bottom near the air-dam. So, what I did instead was cut the wires about an inch and a half off the headlight bulb and splice in a 12g wire that I then ran downwards towards the fog lights and simply wired up the halos to the wire from the headlight. All in all, works pretty good and I love the look. I also decided to go into the headlight instead of the DRL or park light because I use auto lights and don't actually mess with the MF switch, so that way the halos will come on with the fogs when its dark enough, and they wont be on when its too bright out to even appreciate them.

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