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RicN 09-21-2013 07:11 PM

WK AC problem
Haven't seen one quite like this, but here goes:
When idling, the AC will cool to the appropriate temp; but when driving the AC will heat up to 80 degrees or so. Have had WK to 2 dealers and 1 independent shop. Dealers say all is working OK (Freon levels OK, comp OK, all OK with the world). Independent found the IR not responding in DAC unit ordered another and same problem. Seems the problem is in the software that controls the AC. Any others with this problem? Had system flashed by dealer, but still same problem.
Just got it back from dealer yesterday, said it was the compressor. New compressor installed and it only worked for about 2 hours, then same problem. Back in shop today.
Now it's the dryer that needed replacing. They did this 3 days ago and now exactly the same problem. Back in shop for the 3rd time.

The time now is 03:59 AM.

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