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Originally Posted by kw1984 View Post
Well I am another one to add to the statistics... Maybe it's some sort of design fault that is going to become a common problem?

My Jeep was parked up for 2 weeks while I was on holiday.

When I returned, started her up, put in R to back off the drive and BANG. Gave it some gas and it wouldn't move. Put it in D, travelled about a foot and BANG, Jeep stops dead.

I did this a few times backwards and forwards and eventually backed the Jeep off the drive.

Now, I have no park brake. The lever pulls up about 2 feet and when I'm driving all off a sudden I get a load of rattling and then it dissapears.

God knows what damage is lurking inside the drums. I should really stop driving it.

It sounds the same as already said, that the shoes in the park brake have come off or been stuck on or something and have now disintegrated.

All happened on Sunday 7th March. A search came up with this thread.

Are these rear rotors/drums easy to get off so I can inspect the damage?

Was your parking brake set that morning and just didn't disengage? or was it not set and self destructed regadless?

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The park brake was on for the two weeks.

I can only presume the shoes stuck to the drum over the 2 weeks and moving the jeep with them stuck has obviously ripped them apart some how.

I wont know untill I take the drums off and have a look inside. Hopefully I should get some time tomorrow.
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Well I tried to get the rotor/drums off with no luck so I am no further forward as to what has gone wrong.

Removed wheel, removed the 2 caliper bolts, put the caliper out of the way, removed the rubber O ring and started banging away.

Tried spraying some penetrating fluid around the studs and hub but these discs seem stuck on hard. Hit all on the fronts of the drum as well as from the back. The metal guard around the back of the discs means I can only hit it from behind in one place where the caliper goes. I find it hard to give it a good hit as there isn't much room to swing the hammer back.

Looks like I am going to end up needing stealer help on this one.


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I had the exact same thing happen to me. It was during one of the recent blizzards we had up here in MD. I was one of the few people out in the snow (gotta love owning a jeep ;-) when I heard a loud bang and the back end started getting squirelly. I limped it to my garage and couldn't see any thing obviously wrong with the wheel/tire. In order to pull the rotor off to inspect the parking brake, all you have to do is remove the caliper and and a rubber O-ring on the hub in front of the rotor. when I pulled it off My brake assembly fell out in about 40 chunks of metal. Fortunately it wasn't driven far enough to damage the abs sensor or notches on the axle. Funny thing is when I called the dealer for the parts, they sell the baking plate fully assembled with all of the parking brake hardware and shoes already mounted. Seemed a little odd to me, but after reading this, sounds like a this a common problem and easiest to sell it this way to fix it quicker. To replace it I will only have to remove the axle and replace the O-ring in the axle, so shouldn't be too much work, but I haven't had time. This was just the driver's side, but after reading this, I think it's right time to pull the passenger side off and maybe order a replacement for it. As a side note, the rotors were severely scored on the inside, so it looks like it was frozen locked for a while. I'll update on how difficult it was to swap and if there were any issues associated with the cable itself, but it appears ok upon initial inspeaction.
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Thanks for that LimitedHemi

I was starting to feel a bit alone.

Thanks for confirming how you get the rotors off. I am going to try and get the rotor off the other side when I get a spare few hours. The one I tried to remove the other day was the left rear. As I don't have a spare set of rotors to hand I can't afford to use to much force to get them off incase I damage them. If I had new ones to hand I could hit the old ones with a nice big hammer. I will have a go at getting the right rotor off next and take it from there.

I shall let you know how I get on.
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Well got the rotors off today. I just wasn't hitting them hard enough on the fronts.

Inside wasn't as bad as I thought. Nothing has really disintigrated. The friction material as come off the shoes. This is on both left and right sides. The cable is still fine on both sides. Pulling the lever pushes the shoes (minus the friction material) outwards although it doesn't seem to move both shoes outwards equally. I don't know if it should when the drum isn't on.

I have the workshop manual for the Jeep so I need to have a read on what I need to do. I am only a home DIY mechanic. I change my own oil and will replace brake pad's etc but I'm not sure if this is to much to undertake.

YouTube - Jeep Grand Cherokee broken rear parking brake

Any help from anyone would be appriciated

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Well got the shoes from my local Jeep dealer. They didn't have them in stock so had to wait over the weekend for them.

102 = $152 for a set of 4 shoes!

The manual said the axel should be removed to replace the shoes. I started removing the axel then got scared that I wasn't doing it properly so I put it back together and managed to change the shoes without removing it.

Theres a rubber bung on the back plate where the shoes can be adjusted when the rotor and wheel are back on. I just turned the adjusting star wheel so that it was just binding then backed it off slightly. Did the same on the other side and now 2 or 3 clicks and the park brake works great.

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Originally Posted by kw1984 View Post
The manual said the axel should be removed to replace the shoes. I started removing the axel then got scared that I wasn't doing it properly so I put it back together and managed to change the shoes without removing it.
Hey kw1984, how did you access the parking brake shoes without removing the axle shaft? I'd like to inspect the lining on mine. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by who8myrice View Post
So were driving on the highway, hit a pothole and..
Bill the city.
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Thought i would bring this thread up again due to having just experienced the exact same thing happening to the shoes of my parking brake.

Having just had new tires put on my Jeep (Commander 2006 Hemi) I realized i needed new discs and rotors up front. rear did not look bad except one side was not engaging across the whole surface of the disc.

Popped the wheels to inspect and had a read hard time with trying to get the rotor off. Ended up buying a 2 point puller (6 inch jaw length does it) got the rotor off and discovered both shoes linings had come detached. Still in one piece. Looks like weather in Canada got to the shoe over time and rust has crept across the surface under the bonding. Not happy but what can you do.

Also discovered that on prior brake change the pin lube i used (some supposedly break grease ...NOT) had dried out and was acting more like glue than lubricant. Hard to believe. The hardware kit for the disc pads contains new metal strips to go across where pads rest and ride and this strip was badly rusted causing breaks to bind. Between that and the pins not moving this brake was not playing its part at all. That was on one side at rear, popped other side and exact same situation.

Wanted to say don't just check how much pad is left when inspecting the rear discs, its highly misleading. Wheel needs to come off and rotor needs to come off for full inspection.

Hardware kits are available to replace pins boots and bolts and if necessary the runner strips too.

I was lucky in that i did not have the parking break shoe linings end up breaking up and getting jammed in places like mentioned elsewhere.

And for the record the rotor/pad combinations that have really worked well for me on this Jeep and lasted have been the Raybestos Advanced Technology ones. Not easy to get hold of in Canada at a decent price but the ways and means committee has its way

In future i will order shoes with the new pads and rotors when i do a brake job which now hopefully is not for a good long time. Oh and hardware kits too, we get totally ripped off in Canada for items like this. Paid $44 for parking brake hardware kit.

My thanks to the person posting this thread in the beginning helped me a lot to know I was not alone when i discovered the linings loose.
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The lining on my WK fell off one side. Didn't put it back on.. I never use the parking brake anyway.


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My stillens did come with new boots and rails.

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Would this have anything to do with the odd creaking/farting (it's what a friend called it when they heard it) sound when you just start up the jeep for the day, go in reverse, and slowly let off the brake? It makes the creaking/farting sound from the rear brakes.
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This is apparently becoming a common problem with the parking brakes. See Youtube for videos and even Sam and Dave showed it on their recent Motorhead TV show. I expect the infrequent use of the park brake leads to moisture and rust forming under the lining and popping the bond loose.

I plan to pull my rear brake caliper/drum to inspect the parking brake this weekend.

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This happened to me, too. A couple of times over the winter, it sat for a week or so, and both times when I started up and put it in reverse, it seized and then popped loudly when it released. I hadn't figured out what was causing it, so didn't deal with it at the time. A few months later, it completely seized, and I could barely get it out of my driveway. At least then I could tell that it was likely the brake, and had it towed to my local shop.

Had to replace the drum and the p-brake, which was shattered. No other damage, though, so it was ultimately a relief.
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