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maybeitsjustme 05-06-2013 11:36 AM

New Tires, replacing stock
Searched a bit, but couldn't find a basic all terrain tire recommendation. I must be searching for the wrong thing!

Anyone have a tire they really like? My 2005 WK needs a new set of shoes.

Thanks in advance for the help.

SSF556 05-06-2013 01:11 PM


Stock I ran the General Grabber HTS with no, snow and mild off roading.

maybeitsjustme 05-06-2013 01:19 PM

Yeah, that's the right size. I'll check those out. Locally been recommended the Firestone Destination LE2. Was wondering if I'd be better suited with an all terrain vs. a highway tire.

diver110 05-06-2013 01:22 PM

I have Goodyear Silent Armour and have done some pretty heavy duty offroading with them, all stock (well, it wasn't the Rubicon Trail). Very happy with the tire.

modernblueWK 05-06-2013 10:05 PM

The old destination LE is a great tire. The new one is supposed to be better on ice.

I second the general hts for a mild tire. General grabber AT2 if you want a true all terrain with some off road cred.

NDSU_Bison 05-07-2013 07:54 AM

I'm happy with my Silent Armour tires. They are much quieter on the highway than the stock Forteras and are great in snow. My off-road adventures are limited to driving on the ocean beaches that normally aren't a problem for any 4x4 or even 2WD if they stay out of the soft stuff.


Originally Posted by diver110 (Post 15396635)
I have Goodyear Silent Armour and have done some pretty heavy duty offroading with them, all stock (well, it wasn't the Rubicon Trail). Very happy with the tire.

maybeitsjustme 05-07-2013 08:35 AM

General Grabber HTS looks really solid. I think I may end up going with those over the Firestone. They are just about the same price in the size I need--so that part is negligible.

The Silent Armours are a bit more--like $35 more per tire. I wonder how much of a noticable difference there would be for the cost?

Thanks for all of the advice. Much appreciated.

JeepCK 05-07-2013 09:59 AM

I have the General Grabber AT2's and I love them. Haven't been off roading with them yet (just got them put on a few weeks ago). But I love them. They look great, they ride great... Hopefully I will get to go off road this weekend.

bigalgreek 05-16-2013 07:18 PM

I too have used the General Grabbers but a tire guy was just trying to sell me some Michelin's. I will probably stick with the Generals.

modernblueWK 05-16-2013 07:35 PM

Cheaper and just as good. Generals

rsurran 05-18-2013 03:48 AM

I had Firestone Destination LE's on my XJ, ran smooth and looked good. Never went off the road with them.

07WKLtd 05-18-2013 06:15 AM

The stock tires that came on my WK were such junk I tossed them around 30k and replaced them with Nokian WR G2's. Ran those for 60k and they were fantastic. Quiet, great grip on dry & wet roads and they have the DOT snowflake rating for winter tires. They perform as well as any non studded dedicated snow tire. And they wear well. I put my 2nd set on in Jan '13 at 90k. They're not the cheapest tire out there, but they are worth every penny (IMO).

dmsfun 05-18-2013 07:43 AM

If you never go off road, I wold go with Firestone Destination LE2, but hey, it is a Jeep so why get HWY only tires ? For an AT tire, I suggest the Cooper Discoverer AT3. I previously had Firestone Destination AT, GY Fortera tripletread, and the stock GY, and the Coopers are easily the best, also the cheapest of all 4 I've used. Firestones AT are 2nd, but Coopers are much smoother riding on the HWY and better over bumps, potholes, etc, quieter, great off road, and have excellent snow traction.

modernblueWK 05-18-2013 07:48 AM

If you only occasionally go "off road" i would go for the destination LE or the grabber HTS. You will be happier over the long run. Less noise and quieter running. Any A/T tire will also hurt your mpg's a bit.

dmsfun 05-18-2013 07:58 AM

The above is not true with the Cooper AT3. They are a new 2012 design, quiet at speed, plus they perfectly match the Jeep chassis, better than any HWY tire. The worst tires I had were the GY Fortera Tripletreads, a HWY tire which were #1 rated on tirerack. The only plus was they were quiet, but VERY rough riding and bouncy in comparison to the Coopers... I could not stand them any longer and sold them with 6k. I also get 22 mpg HWY with the Coopers with my 5.7 hemi (also have ported TB, CC, Intune)

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