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J-Wagon 04-02-2006 08:52 PM

New Commander! Mods!!
I read a year ago in car and driver that Chrysler had really turned themselves around and was offering some serious products. I didn't think anything at the time and when I needed a truck for work that could carry a ton of stuff in a inclosed area I started looking at my options.

About 2 months ago I read a car and driver that pitted the new 2006 Jeep commander against the 2006 Durango. I really really liked the style of the Jeep and I liked that since it has 3rd row setting and the 2nd and 3rd can fold down, it was like a mix between a truck, a van, and a SUV.

I finally saw a commander a week ago and thought it looked hot!! I went to the dealership and drove one and was amazed, absolutely amazed at how it drove. My mom has a 2000 LX470 and I can honestly say it drove nicer and was much quieter. The ride in the Jeep is soooo smooth and the steering is as smooth as my LS400! (which I traded in for the Commander) Though the interior was miles from the Jeep's the Jeep could still... dare I say... git er done. Its extremely quiet inside I was so suprized by that. The car was loaded with a bunch of features that are really nice! Trip computer, settings computer, back p sensor, adjustable pedals, lots of good stuff! My only gripe is the AC controls not being digital. I have no idea what temperature 3 red squares is.

After letting my test drive sink in I spend the next few days reading up on it. The seemingly only complaint was that it got like 10 mpg. I figure since I would lease one anyway (I don't trust Jeep reliability enough to buy it straight out) I shouldn't be driving that much anyway (12,000 miles a year) and since it would ultimately be a work truck taking tires and wheels to be mounted it seemed like that would work.

So ladies and gentlemen, with 19 miles on the ODO I present, my 2006 Jeep Commander (with the 4.7l)

BAD BAD Mile 199 The car stalled today at 199 when I was going like 10mph :( I'm going to go to the Jeep dealer tomorrow and have them take a look at it.

Plans for the Jeep
I'm opening up a custom wheel/car shop this truck will not only carry wheel/tires set to be mounted (%99 of the time it'll have all the seats folded down carrying around wheels) now since it is a business truck it's free advertising so iíll be putting our graphic on the wheel window. The plastic pieces on the outside (like the roof rack, door handles, body molding, rear window, pieces above the taillights, piece where the tailgate pulls up) are going to be painted the same color of the car (black) the 300C style grill I know youíve all seen I bought and iím going to paint the frame of it black. We are having our logo cut into an aluminum piece that will go on the grill. I took off the ďJeepĒ on the hood. Our license plate frames with the numbers on it iím going to put on the front and back. I dunno if you guys remember the simpsons with Canyonero iím getting CNYNERO for a vanity plate. I bought the 26 peice dash kit in Titanuim Burlwood. Finally, to top it all off iím going with wheel adapters and Lorenzo L08ís in 23x10 with a +10 offset.

cmd peej 04-03-2006 01:13 AM

Good lookin' rig. Overall at the 1000 mile point, I'm getting 16.5 MPG with my 4.7L rig. The Durango that I traded in would have gotten around 13 MPG with the same driving. I'm very pleased with mine.

SYCOHEMI 05-01-2006 06:24 PM

What was the problem with the engine stall?

I'd love to see some pics of your new Titanium interior.

You might think about taking the third row seats out if you are hauling all the time. But it might also be harder with a split level load floor...Just four bolts. I took mine out.

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