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WKintheUSA 08-26-2013 07:53 AM

front end noise...hard to describe
Just bought a 2005 WK with a Hemi. Took it to Colorado. Backing out of hotel to go to breakfast this morning it started acting funny. Right as I got the wheels cranked and stopped to go forward there were just a couple clunks or clicks, hard to explain just heard for a second. So I go forward and it does it the whole time, with the wheel straight. Its rotational so I thought maybe some sort of driveline deal in front end. So I put it in reverse and it does it for a second then stops while in reverse. So go back to going forward and it didnt do it, then started again and it sounded like I had a tire down, but the sound a tire makes flapping at like 20MPH I was doing 5-10. Stop get out, no flats. So I back up again, this time farther and it doesnt do it in reverse except for at beginning. Go back to going forward and this time it takes longer but it does start back in. I have no idea at this point what I need to look at.

Thank you for any and all help. I know this is first post, but any help will be greatly appreciated.

R32R1 08-26-2013 07:55 AM

Check the CV's. That's where I would start. From there, think of anything else that is rotational- brakes, wheel bearing, differential, front driveshaft, etc. Having someone stand outside and listen closely helps too.

Jeepforthewin 08-26-2013 08:16 AM

Like R32R1 stated check your CV's. The clunk sound is a common issue with our Jeeps and alot of time it is either a worn CV or a bushing in the front differential. I've had the clunk sound for a couple years now and have ruled out the CV since it was replaced not to long ago. It only happens often so i havnt had much reason to tear into the differential to check out the bushing. May do it when I get a Superlift installed haha.

WKintheUSA 08-26-2013 08:27 AM

Now it is doing it just when I turn. I drove 600 miles without issue yesterday. This morning back out of parking spot and all the sudden boom a problem. It doesnt seem located on one side or other. It almost feels like its dragging or something. There is resistance but now whether I just slowed down to really concentrate or whatever but whenever I turn the wheel from straight it begins dragging. As I turn sharper it seems to get worse. If I give it a little throttle it seems to make a different noise. But doesnt do it now going straight. As I drive it around trying to kisten or figure out what it is its going away little by little. I dont get what is goin on with this thing.

Now its clear down to what I would almost call a hum when at almost lock.

Jeepforthewin 08-26-2013 08:42 AM

Does it feel like it is binding up? If it is dragging and all look at the solenoid in the differential. I had mine replaced at the same time as my CV shaft because when i would make a sharp turn like backing up or any full turn it would bind up and make a popping noise. Once the Jeep was warmed up though it went away. The popping noise was cause by my CV shaft and the Jeep binding up was caused by the solenoid in the differential.

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