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sunoff 07-26-2013 04:04 AM

Cab--Bus--Plane--Truck--My WK
So I finally brought my laptop home, (biz coopted it) I found my exact new to me WK... I ran the VIN and got the build sheet thanks to batmanxj on jeep cherokee forum (did't realize how old school they are). He was stand up and sent it to me. I knew she was mine when I saw it. 2010 22,000 miles HEMI QDII Black skids tow loaded $26,000++ after negotiations...a little high, but my perfect car...

Found her on cars .com. Had financing in hand, but local credit union balked at underwrtiing a car in PA . when i'm in MA on Cape Cod. That was really annoying. Called salesman Walter back at MotorWorld in Wilkes Barre Pa , while bartending and he laughed, said No Worries Mon, We got u. /part one

sunoff 07-26-2013 05:17 AM

Part Two
OK so perfect? car is 350 miles away. Realize my buddy is in PA. Phone call, Favor asked. He drives couple hundred miles, test drives, and calls to endorse. -- "Buy this -deleted- car!" --Zilla

Everything ends happily ever after.

----10 year old laptop battery dies---

Get a nice 350 mile ride home as my introduction to my new friend ;D!!

insured immediately, registered on the seventh (final) day, inspected on the seventh day (lol seeing a theme here).

First Mod done--- delete seat belt chime.
Now, please don't yip. I wear it almost always bc of my Wrangler days.... but, it's nice to not hear it.

2nd mod....reverse lights led -- nuisance.

PS pics and links later. too many bananas tonite haha... ;)

bought a cheap one on amaz bc of prime 2 day shipping. that was a joke. same time bought a higher wat it today...kinda bummed, the 10 wk uses a 921 bulb in the reverse lights, its the smaller, cheaper bulb design not the beefy 3157? design that the brake lights are. I got a sneaking suspicion that it just can't ever put out the lumens that I want it to. and that '05 ish owners can just plug in bc of the beefier design. Maybe u can convert to the bigger bulb style?

Have talked to Kolak about OME HD.

Thinking Bwoody sway bars but have no idea about length? Will be putting a winch on front so need to be aware/compensate for that extra weight. oh and Matrix. Love ARB but I'm thinking the weight is kinda silly....I don't have skills or desire to bob it as hard as I'd want to.//

Well anyways, Hello All I'll be around a bit now :tea:

FS soonish---18 inch aluminum clad OWL wheels and rims cape cod mass price to be determined lol they are still on joop....will be selling when new, not bought yet versions show up...

WTB 2013 rubicon rims with 255/75/17 BFGs


Jeepforthewin 07-26-2013 07:33 AM

Any pictures of her?? And can't wait to see all this come together!

sunoff 08-01-2013 02:27 AM

I suk
ya I know no pic no happen... but I an a creature of the night...which means pics r tuff. but... as soon as my cooks alll show up for work in the same week u guys will start to s3ee some progress here...lots of goodies need action. annd... hit a $1000 steel armidillo supet sliders coming sooner than later ;)!

sunoff 08-02-2013 04:26 AM

summa luvn
ups n fedex doing good work. kolak is a nice dude. cant wait to instal some of this stuff lol. pics will come. me and computers....don't get along...

sunoff 08-02-2013 04:31 AM

found some 2013 rims with 255/75/17 bfg. maybe... right price......

Jeepforthewin 08-02-2013 12:06 PM

That $1,000 scratchy must have been nice! :thumbsup: Any plans for lifting her?

sunoff 08-02-2013 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by Jeepforthewin (Post 15748537)
That $1,000 scratchy must have been nice! :thumbsup: Any plans for lifting her?

OME HD ordered thru Kolak and on way probably two weeks out.:rofl:

The time now is 08:22 AM.

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