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Uniblurb 06-14-2013 02:01 AM

Buying a WK help
The past few weeks I've been searching around sources (CL, classified, etc) in the central Ohio area for buying a 2007-09 WK as a stock dd for my wife w/o much success. Very few private owner listings and almost all dealers.

Wondered what others think about the below 2009 Laredo V-6 with 45,700 miles and they just dropped the price a couple $K? I'd still try and talk them down a couple more.

In looking at the carfax report within the link I'm a little concerned the 2nd owner only kept it for 7 months, the 3rd person leased it for 17 days/returned it, then it was sold from Michigan to Ohio at auction.

The present dealer had to replace the bearings/hubs and what would cause them to go out w/only 45K miles? With the hitch I wonder how much it was used to tow and wouldn't think the 3.7 could handle much.

I read the sticky thread on buying a WK/XK and some real good info. In showing the above ad to my wife multiple times she finally said, "I want leather seats!". Well, I don't think a limited is worth $8K more from what I've seen advertized for about the same year.

Know I'll have to look at this WK closely since I'm in the rust/salt belt.

Thanks for any input!

tom19511 06-14-2013 05:12 AM

It looks nice to me. Get a warranty (no charge) :D These bearings do go out, but not really at that low milage. I do not tow with my '06. Maybe it was used as a tow vehicle, and it wore them out..

LJS8510 06-14-2013 05:21 AM

I would look at 2008 & up because in 2008 Jeep added some very nice things, like My Gig, 110ac, HIDs Hill assist & more.

Uniblurb 06-14-2013 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by tom19511 (Post 15560117)
It looks nice to me. Get a warranty (no charge) :D These bearings do go out, but not really at that low milage. I do not tow with my '06. Maybe it was used as a tow vehicle, and it wore them out..

Thanks and are you talking about a free warranty from the dealer? I read somewhere these have a certain # of years/100,000 mile drive-train warranty and not sure if it's transferable? Actually I've bought an extended warranty on used vehicles sometime, and while pricey, saved me a bunch w/some major problems. But they aren't what they used to be and often only cover 50% of repairs.

You're thinking like I am and hope the OP didn't tow a lot, while wearing out the bearings/hubs, along with putting stress/wear on other things. And I saw where the tow group is an option and the class IV tow group is a step up.

Not crazy about seeing the "Wild Country" tires on it, since know nothing about them, but did a search on the forum and not bad reviews.

Thanks again!


Originally Posted by LJS8510 (Post 15560128)
I would look at 2008 & up because in 2008 Jeep added some very nice things, like My Gig, 110ac, HIDs Hill assist & more.

Appreciate the input and should I expect those "nice things" you mentioned to be on the 2009 Laredo? I know what HID's and 110ac is but not familiar with My Gig or Hill assist? Thanks for the option link and I better not show that to my wife since lots of leather seat options which the one I'm looking at doesn't have. Lol.

Butterjeep 06-14-2013 09:40 PM

Wow, that is a good price. A bit too good, I say inspect it carefully...

rsurran 06-15-2013 04:03 AM

My two cents worth: Get her heated leather seats and a V8. The 4.7 is a good motor and the 5.7 Hemi is awesome. Heated mirrors are great too. I paid 13,500 for my GC Limited Edition with all the bells and whistles and it is by far the best of the 5 Jeeps I've owned. Buying used with an extended warranty you can an awesome Jeep you could never buy new. Might as well get it all.

johngreen1234 06-15-2013 06:45 AM

I would keep searching, and widen my search.

Regarding this vehicle, what is the nature of the title? The 17-day lease simply sounds like a buyer failed to qualify, but then there's another short-owner. Let this car sit on the lot for a while, and see if the price starts to fall.

Personally, I searched for months to find a WK Laredo with a Hemi (they only made them in 2010). I looked at many cars like this, and more typically in the 06-07 range (stay away from 07). In the end you're going to have to find a motivated seller, or compromise on your rig. You appear to be doing this now, but it seems too early in the search. Keep looking. Your perfect rig is out there!

Uniblurb 06-15-2013 09:14 AM

Thanks for the input guys! I'm not quite sure how to widen my search and check CL, the classifieds, and the area about every day. I'd like to get a limited but have seen very few with real high prices.

Kind of in a bind for another vehicle since we sold my wife's 2000 TJ due to a rotted frame and took a big loss. So she's using my 96 ZJ w/196K miles, which I'm continuing to work on/pour $ into, as her dd. So I'm left with a 93 4.0 XJ 5-speed w/236K miles which also needs some rear frame work while the rear rocker panels are gone.

I have seen some nice hemi's but to tell you the truth the mileage scares me since my wife drives 50 miles round-trip to/from work and sits in rush hour traffic for a least 1/2 hour of the 1-hour one-way drive every day. It sure doesn't seem like there's many 4.7's for sale from what I've seen. Many just basic V-6 Laredo's fill the ads.

Wife is wanting to retire early so we don't need a monthly payment. Was thinking about going for any earlier year WK, possibly a limited is I can find one, but don't need to be throwing big bucks, with all my time working on it, at a high-mileage Jeep like I've been doing. Have about $15-$17K saved/gifts to work with and I'll continue the search. May go look at that 2009 today, test drive it, and look at some others. Thanks again!

BTW, too bad this 2006 V-8 Limited w/80K miles at the same dealer looks like it's been "through the wringer" and used for off-roading. Pinion seal replaced and who know how much other stuff is wrong with it.

modernblueWK 06-15-2013 09:19 AM

Leather seats are available with the v6 in the laredo x model.

The v6 sucks though. Look for the 4.7 v8 at minimum.

JackB1 06-15-2013 02:57 PM

I paid about 17K for a similar 08 Laredo about a year ago so the price sounds in line. It seems to be worth pursuing. It is possible the second owner had the bearing issues, got fed up and dumped it but if that is now corrected you could benefit. Are the tires new? I am a fan in a used vehicle of keeping it basic to minimize so many issues which come from the original upgrades. Some want all the bells and whistles which is fine. The 3.7 has plenty of power and pulls a reasonable load and you don't have to worry about changing 16 plugs or other issues that pop up on this forum with the hemi. The warranty and buyer guarantee seem to give you some protection but I would still ask a lot of questions and do a test ride if it is close.

diver110 06-15-2013 08:43 PM

Your mpg will not vary much by engine. The hemi blows both other engines out of the water in terms of performance, but is pricier to buy and maintain. I drove from Baltimore to NJ to buy my hemi, and dealers keep wanting to buy it from me. You could consider buying from a well rated Ebay dealer and paying shipping.

98jgc 06-15-2013 09:20 PM

I picked up a completely Loaded / Leather /nav etc etc. 2005 4.7 V8 66K with every single option as a limited except for the chrome trim hyper stuff. I paid 11,900 over a year ago fully documented maint etc. I have to say the 4.7 is the way to go , look for a loaded laredo 4.7 - I think thats the best bang for the buck. Keep in mind the 2008 + is a more powerful version 4.7 - I drove a 3.7 and it was fair at best. As other poster's say/ same MPG - I stayed away from the hemi b/c I never saw one for sale with more that 119K in various listings. And I don't quite understand how the pistons drag not firing thru the engine..But then again the hemi is a blast to drive :) Drive em all and see what's best for you and wife :)

Uniblurb 06-16-2013 10:09 AM

Thanks for all the input guys! Was hoping to go to the dealer yesterday to look at some WK's but instead spent the last 2 days replacing about the whole AC system on my ZJ except for evaporator and condenser. Fun. :(

Of the 4 Jeeps we've had/have they all have the 4.0 slow in them so I'm sure the 3.7 V-6 wouldn't be much different. But have to admit we'd both like a limited, with maybe the V-8, so the search is going to go on. I just don't want/need something I'm working on constantly with high miles like now but guess that's expected with our 200K mile Jeeps.

JackB1 06-16-2013 06:44 PM

I would disagree on your power comment. I to went from a 1996 ZJ to my current 08 3.7 WK and the power difference, even with a bigger vehicle, is noticeable to the positive. Drive one if you have a chance and see for yourself. It was also great to leave so many of those ZJ problems behind. Just look at the number of problem posts on the ZJ forum compared to the WK forum. I will say that my ZJ did feel like more of an offroad vehicle but I guess Chrysler mostly uses offroad in their ads and has taken the approach that most Grand Cherokee Jeep buyers will never use their vehicles off road. I am still annoyed that they did not give me a oil pressure or voltage gauge.:(

Uniblurb 06-16-2013 10:17 PM

I should have said "I would guess" and in never driving a WK really wouldn't know if a 3.7 V-6 has more power than a 4.0. Never indicated I was talking about my 96 4.0 ZJ and know my wife's 2000 TJ 4.0 engine had a whole lot better pick-up than my 4.0 ZJ. In fact so do both 4.0 XJ's we own.

I thought those dash gauges looked a little sparse in the photos of the 2009 WK I was looking at and it's a shame an oil pressure gauge or voltage gauge isn't included.

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