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ARB twin air compressor portable kit (but permanently installed) CKMTP12 tested

This kit claims:
ē Rapid Inflation of small, medium, large, and over-sized tires
ē Air tools rated up to 174LPM (6.16CFM) continuous supply

I bought the portable kit because it came very complete and compact, even though the plan was to permanently mount it on the jeep. If I had it to do over, I would probably buy two of the single compressor kits just to get complete redundancy (meaning no single component could leave me without air). I would also look at the kit made for install, because the portable kit has a power draining light bulb in the switch (it gets warm), and I keep hitting the switch with my knee by accident and that turns on a cooling fan too quiet to hear with the hood shut. . There is a connector you can unplug to disable the switch light.

I ended up cutting the control power wire to the switch and installing a relay off an accessory circuit, so the compressors wonít work without the key on. If you ask, I can tell you a good spot to find accessory power to run any relay you wantI have the compressors mounted by the firewall on the passenger side, the tank mounted in a void in the ARB bumper, the air chuck is mounted next to the headlight, and the switch is on the knee panel by the driverís left knee (not a good spot, but easy to get to the inside). I mounted the solenoid behind there, and got accessory power from the fuse block up under the driverís dash.

Iím impressed and pleased with the setup. It looks and sounds like a quality item, and works great. I went for overkill because Iím under budget on this build and Iím having fun picking out whatever I want. In fact, I bought an ARB magnum hand winch just to see what it was (Iíll do that writeup soon; itís really cool).

Using the impact wrench on lug nuts was okay, but I had to pause between lug nuts (maybe 10 seconds) because the pressure wasnít high enough to break the next nut loose right after I spun one off. I donít know the exact air consumption of my wrench, but a quick lookup of a similar Craftsman wrench says it takes 5.2 cfm average. I would guess both companies are reporting a number that sounds as good as they can (high for the compressor, low for the air tool). The bottom line is, you can run an air wrench, but with a little more patience than my 80 gallon garage compressor requires. I donít plan to carry an air wrench anyway.

Iíve tested this out airing up from 10psi to 35psi on 33X10Ē tires, and it is definitely fast, in fact I didnít have time to pee before it aired up all four. Okay, I could have if I knew I had to rush, but my plan was to hook up all 4 tires to the regulator manifold, then go use the restroom at the sand lake parking lot (I was right out front). By the time I connected all four, which was quick, and walked around to see that the tires were all inflating, they were already looking streetable (as opposed to flat) so I checked pressure on the regulator and in a couple more minutes the regulator popped off, then the compressors shut off (at whatever pressure theyíre set to).

I timed it in the driveway as a test, with the engine off to see if it killed the battery, and it filled all 4 tires from 10 to 35psi in 8 minutes. It didnít kill the battery, but you can hear it running slower when the engine is off. I forgot to time it with the engine running, but Iíd guess it was about 5 minutes. It seemed quicker than that, but I didnít time it. Maybe next time. Itís worth mentioning Iím running a group 49 AGM battery, which is almost 2 stock batteries, so donít assume you wonít kill your battery if the engine is off.

On a side note, I tried trail deflators for the first time (Iíve been using an ARB deflator with gauge for a decade, and love it, but itís a lot of kneeling). I bought a set of 4 Trailhead tire deflators (5-20psi, factory set at 13), made in USA, for about $60. Right out of the box, one was right on the 13psi factory set, 2 were within a few psi, and one practically flattened the tire. The instructions say to get them set using a small tire (I used the stock spare), so I did. The first thing I noticed is that the adjustment screw (inside the top) moves so easy I couldnít imagine it would stay where I put it. I removed all 4 and wrapped some Teflon tape on the threads to add friction. That made them stay where I put them, but it was very time consuming to get all 4 set to about 10psi, and even then, Iíve got one thatís pretty inconsistent. In any case, Iím convinced they will do a nice job of taking the tires down to about 10psi while I use the bathroom, but Iím going to have to fine tune each one with my ARB deflator. That matches up with what Accessory Outfitters said about tire deflators in general.

Itís worth speculating that if I was airing down to 20psi (non sand), they would probably do better. Itís difficult to have a spring weak enough to let 10psi push by, but strong enough to make a good seal.
I would definitely never leave these on (they say you can), as at least one of them continues to slowly leak after it shuts off, and they stick out so you risk busting off a stem. Donít do it. I put little rubber plugs over the ends to make them easier for my crappy fingers to manipulate. The air comes out the side, so the plug doesnít hurt anything.

07 WK 5.7 QD2, 4" lift, 33X10" tires, M8000s
ARB twin air,Dual AGM group 49, sliders and skids
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I still dig the setup. Nice writeup of information.
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Originally Posted by badgerwithhands View Post
I still dig the setup. Nice writeup of information.
Thanks! It's pretty cool, but I do wish I'd built in redundancy in spite of the ARB reliability. I'm packing one of those tiny $20 joke compressors in case I get stranded with 8psi in all four tires. I like to come off the sand in odd places, where I might wait a while for an air capable rig to come along.

I've been finding other people's writeups to be so helpful, I feel like I should do the same.

07 WK 5.7 QD2, 4" lift, 33X10" tires, M8000s
ARB twin air,Dual AGM group 49, sliders and skids
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