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AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:07 PM

AJeepZJ's WK Build Thread
This is my WK Build Thread - The Atacama
Many thanks to these guys: Lifted_Up, cricket, xOakley, Sal-XK, and Omelet. As a 3.7L WK, I drew most of my confidence from the momentum generated by WSPJeep, one of the first 3.7L's I can recall to undertake the road less traveled- your WK will be remembered, dude.

My WK today

Completed Upgrades, Installs, and Modifications:

Modified OME 3.5" Suspension Upgrade
----Rear extended Monroe Load Leveler Shocks
----.25" Strut Spacers

285/70/R17 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs, on custom painted 17" JK MOABs
1.5'' Spidertrax spacers
Pinch Weld and Rear Fender Mod
K&N 63 Cold Air Intake with K&N DryCharger
AirRam Performance 12" Power Wire
Hypertech - Max Energy Power Progammer
Flowmaster 40 Series w/ 3" Extreme Performance Stainless Steel Resonator

130 watt 6'' (2) Long Range Chrome KC HiLites
100 watt 6'' x (2) KC Hilites Fog Light Kit
55 Watt 2'' x 6'' (2) Back-Up lights KC HiLites
55 Watt Oval Side lights (2)
LED Bumper Taillight Modification
10-Pod LED Rock Lights

Steel Armadillo WK Super Sliders
Steel Armadillo Secure Console

4xGuard Matrix
4xGuard Rear Guard 2
4xGuard Differential Guard
4xGuard Belly Guard
4xGuard Front Suspension SKid
4xGuard Antenna Mount
4xGuard Rear Sliders

'Stinger' Warrior Pre Runner Universal Grill Guard
Black Powder-coated Heavy Duty steel Tail Light Guards

-Communications, Entertainment, Emergency and Recovery-
CB Radio and Firestik II FS4-B 4 Foot Black Tunable Tip
Scanner Radio and Antenna - Completed
Pioneer AVIC Navigation with Ipod nano and Bluetooth Sync
Integrated Back-up Camera
Sunroof and Wind visors
Mopar Slush Matts
Smittybilt Front and Rear Shackle Locations w/ Daystar D-ring Isolators
Multiple Tow Straps
Fire Extinguisher
Yakima Crossbars with Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket

Westin Chrome Bull Guard
Westin Nerf Bars
Roof Mounted Antenna Mount
LED Angel Eyes with Halo Projector Headlights
255/75/17 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor's (good tire - but needed more aggressive tread)

What's Next:
Fastman Throttle Body
Rusty's Adjustable Trackbar or RRO Adjustable Trackbar
Steel Armadillo Yoke/Differential Skid

Spare/Back-up Battery Install
Yellow LED Conversion (HVAC and Module switches)
Adjustable Track Bar
3K Watt Halogen Fogs
Double-Din Stereo
Cross-Drilled Stillen Rotors with Ceramic Pads
AirFlow WK Snorkel
JKS PN#2034 Front Swaybar Disconnect
JKS PN#2001 Rear Disconnects
4xG Rear Sliders
LED Cabin Light Replacement
NV245 Transfer Case swap
3.73 Gears Swap
Optima Yellow Top Battery Upgrade (When the Mopar craps out)
4" Super Lift!
ARB Compact Onboard Air
Saguaro Steel Transfercase Skid
PA system

Bought my 06 WK in 2009. I have VERY few surviving pics of this thing stock i mean bare bones stock. After a couple hours of owning it. I had the same Jeep dealership install a sunroof in it (for free).. (they were nice people)... Majority of the things I did for the first year were all interior

After this picture I took the Jeep to get an after-market sunroof installed.

When I returned I got the Yakima bike racks and cross bars, and wind deflector installed up top

Then a couple weeks later I had the Nav system installed. Which allows me to integrate my IPOD with the Nav system, it has some basic voice command system, and bluetooth capability. It's also got Sirius radio membership (which I still think is a waste of my 12 bucks every month). And i installed a back up camera on it as well which is also hooked up with the NAV.
(I'll get placement of IPOD later)

Slapped on the wind deflectors on the driver and passenger side windows, and tossed in some slush mats, and threw the carpet ones in the cargo area... Just some easy cosmetic stuff. I also put in after-market headlights that I am still thinking of putting back in the OEM.

Then me and a good friend of mine decided it would be cool to slap on some nerfbars, which it did look good, and some splash guards. I have some pics. But I have removed them both now.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:08 PM


Then I didn't touch the Jeep at all during much of the summer of 2010. Work kept me pretty busy. Ironically, during grad school, I managed to find time to install the greatest investment this Jeep has seen thus far - my OME suspension kit (thank you Kolak for your business). It took a few days, because it was not exactly a cake walk by any means but it was fun.

Get'n it done

Then we put on 255/75/17 Good Year Wrangler Silent Armors. There was a little rubbing so i installed 1/4'' spacers to separate it from the ball joint. Even with the 1/4'' spacers, you can tell it's STILL pretty close. But in my future upgrades you'll notice I listed MOAB's for better offset.

More pics

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:09 PM

Since I have Yakima cross bars, and bike racks... I decided to keep it all in the same family and got the racks as well. It's strong, but not quite the quality grade as Rola but.. but it's still a good rack... These two pics are without the spacers

Spacers are also in...Much to my surprise it rides a little different, and the ride quality is improved a lot more with the wider stance. It looks absolutely fantastic, but I'd love to get your feedback on it

I think I have a couple pics of the rear view of this vehicle... You can immediately tell the difference. It looks great, and it rides a little more stable. I also happen to have my other Jeep in the vid as well.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:10 PM

Decided to give the stock wheels a face lift...and got the wheels painted graphite this weekend (thanks for your infinite wisdom, Brad) They turned out well. Here are some summary snap-shots.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:11 PM

Placement of my CBRadio and Antenna. I didn't want a large whip antenna twirling all over the place, and they just don't look right on a more modern Jeep. They are O.K. on trucks... I thought this was more appropriate appearance wise.

I installed the Radio itself to the side of the middle console on the front passenger side.

Wanted to remove the air damn, but it would look funny with the bull-bar so both were removed. I like this simplistic look better although 4xguard front will be ordered here in a month.

Here is what was done to run the wiring without drilling any holes... There's a few ways you can wire it. If you pull off the rubber lip you can see that you fit some wire between the interior vinyl, and the metal itself. You can then run the wire towards the battery. Here are a few pics without tearing up too much, lol.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:11 PM

Update: I tossed in some new spark plugs after about 45 minutes of panic. But everythings good so far.

out with the old (i know there's only 3 pictured here, lol)

In with the new

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:13 PM

Buddy of mine and I did some mountain biking today, and he decided to take some pics before we got there. So Here is the most recent addition to my collection - he took about 50 but i'm not putting 50 up here - I chose my favorites :)

Months later I decide to sweeten up the rear some.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:13 PM

Got my tail light guards in, and installed them as SOON as I got my hands on them. Took all but 30 minutes - May do some minor tweaking but otherwise they look great.

Toys, Toys and more Toys! :)

Front Matrix

Rear Guard 2

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:15 PM

This is my first real attempt at doing a write-up. So, If I'm forgotten anything, or if there is a question area let me know - I'll try and suppliment with pictures and fill it in over the next couple days. To discuss or reply to this thread CLICK HERE

If you do NOT have the stock tow hooks that came with the Jeep you'll need to get the mounting brackets. These brackets do NOT come with the nuts please acquire the nuts. Autozone, Pepboys, O'reily's (my favorite), should have the ability to test the thread pitch.

You'll also HAVE to remove the grill and bumper. So i'm including this in my write-up.

First go ahead and pop the hood

There are rivets holding the grill in place. I used a flat-head screw driver to pop these out. In my picture I already removed them, lol... But for those who don't know what they look like, I'll update one of these pictures to show these rivets in place. I'll also tell ya how many are there so you'll know when you've got them all.

Store these rivets in a safe location - I put all of my rivets in the driver-side cupholder.
Once all of these rivets have been removed, it is ok to remove the grill - Set it out of the way

Next we'll need to start removing the bumper
If you check the top edges of the bumper there is a little screw in both of these edges. Remove these screws. Place them in a safe location where they won't be trampled or lost. (I put them in the passenger side cup-holder)

Driver side (view taken as if look UP at the bolt)

Be sure to unplug your fog lights (for those who have them). These twist out just like your head lights. Might require a little force, but use your discretion. Thanks CmmdrDan for this insight.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:17 PM

I let mine hang, like so. Nothing wrong with that... Just be careful not to break them. You can hang them behind something if you like. Just don't forget that you need to plug them back in once everything is done.

Remove these rivets as well and don't confuse them with the onces you removed from the grill. Place them with the other rivets, screws, etc that hold the bumper in place.

Underneathe the bumper are 3 MORE bolts.. unscrew these... place these with the other bumpe-associated rivets, screws as well.

There are also rivets that keep the bumper in place and attach it to the wheel wheel. Remove these rivets - I'd supply a picture but I broke these a long time ago, lol.

NOW is the time to pull that bumper off.. it SLIDES OFF.. so pull towards you. Start from one end and go to the next... you won't hurt anything... get to work.

The brackets that you ordered need to be placed behind this metal housing that is here. Unscrew this, set the screw inside the metal housing.. and place these also in a location where you will not trample, step on, or otherwise lose - lol. I placed them on the floor of my Jeep.

It should look like this once you have unscrewed it and removed that piece of metal (I have no idea what the name of it is.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:18 PM

Wallaaaaaa - After everything has been removed - This is how your WK should like (and how your XK might look). We are ready to begin installing stuffs.. yayyyy rawrrrrr!!

Pull these brackets out of the bag, get them ready... they are next!

Place these brackets LIKE SO... so that they fit... Just like a puzzle!! yeeaaahhhhh. :D

Passenger side

Driver side

Retreive your first piece of 4xG mounting parts and install! (Part numbers XG-K200.01 and XG-K200.02) Pictured BELOW!
It will be bolted to the mounting brackets you just placed inside the cross member. Use the nuts you PURCHASED, and hand tighten this part to the bracket. (4xG stresses that you do NOT fully tighten... so I stress you just hand tighten.)

Passenger Side - follow this procedure for both sides

Please pay close attention to how these backing plates are placed inside the cross member. There are two squares on each of these brackets.. you want the side of this bracket with the GREATEST distance between the squares facing OUTWARD. Match these up with the holes that go through the frame. Line everything up because we will be installing the inside mounting brackets next!

Get your inside mounting brackets - part numbers XG-K200.03 and XG-K200.04) using two 1.25” x 7/16” hex bolts and install them.. Place bolts in the holes and screw them in, with your other hand hold the inside back plate in place and also hold the nut over the hold while you twist the bolts in. Picture below! (In this picture I used the wrong screws - I did fix this, but don't make my mistake, I had to go back)

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:19 PM

Remember those two black steel 'cups' with a single screw we removed from the cross member behind the bumper to place the OEM mounting brackets on? Go ahead and put those back on. and then it is ok to go ahead and Place the bumper back on the Jeep - You do not have to bolt and fasten it back onto the Jeep just yet - In fact, I would recommend you not do that. Just put the bumper back on.

You should have the outside brackets, backing plates, and inside brackets installed at this time. We are now moving on to the 4th item. The bow shackle brackets aka Part Numbers (XG-K221.05) on the outside of the mounting brackets we just installed. Start by aligning the rear most hole of the bow shackle bracket with the rear most hole in the mounting brackets. Use three 1.5” x 1/2” hex bolts with 1/2" lock flange nuts. Pictured below is how it will look.

Assemble the 4xGuard Center bracket with the two sides that go on it... Part numbers XG-K220.10 to the light tab brackets part number (XG-K221.07 and XG-K221.08) with the provided 3/4” x 3/8” hex bolts and 3/8” lock nuts. Do this over grass or in your lap to prevent scratches and stuff to the face of it (prevent rust).

bolt the bumper back on, reinstall the grill, reconnect your fog lights and BAM!!! Check for tighteness and allignment. Make sure everything is nice and tight. I never really truly specified when it was ok to go ahead and tighten everything. This is a step that can practically be done at the very end.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:20 PM

Then I found this laying around in my room and decided to install it. It's a Warrior Pre Runner Universal Grill Guard - It is not the 4xG grill guard. I like this one a little more because it extends forward some. Gives a little more protection for the lights and the grill itself. I'm going to have some steel brackets cut to provide additional mounting support for this bar - It's made out of 1 1/2" round steel tubing - it's very strong.

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:22 PM

Nothing crazy just a little update from the holiday work

D-ring Isolaters equipped up front - Also removed my aftermarket headlight assembly's and put int he OEM.

Remember those reverse lights I used to use that seemed to act as really good sliders? lol. Well I had to remove those to install my 4xG RG2. I bought some new ones and installed those on the cargo rack. Wires are all nice and protected and tied fastened to the frame out of the way of damage from whatever I put on top.

I like Sal's lights he had on the side, and could see the practicality of this - So I equiped some on the side as well.

This concludes my holiday project.

My next project sometime this week or early next week is to finally order some SA sliders and 4xG Belly, and Front Suspension Skid

AJeepZJ 01-12-2012 07:23 PM

In-depth pic-take on what was accomplished today.

Packages instantly stuffed in my Jeep for immediate install.

The contents of each package was inspected.. "If they were sickly, wounded or misshapen... they would have been discarded!" very nice movie reference there... enjoy!

Differential First! I foresaw this one to be the most challenging to I attacked it first. Ironically it took me the least time of the 3.

The time now is 09:48 AM.

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