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gregk1090 08-29-2012 09:48 AM

08 WK CRD clicking noise on accel and decel
I have a 2008 3.0L CRD and I have started to hear a faint clicking/knocking noise coming from underneath the car. It is usually a single click/knock. I first noticed a faint knock when I would start the car, but nothing as far as driving it. I now have started to notice that when I first go to accelerate from a full stop, i will hear the same noise coming from under the car. I also can hear this noise in reverse, and when I'm slowing down to a stop. I have never heard anything while going more than 10 mph. Performance hasn't been affected in anyway.

Has anyone had a similar problem is their WK?

suzieque 08-29-2012 12:40 PM

there is a TSB related to the front bearing, but I've not heard of this occuring on the 2008 models

If the vehicle operator describes or the engine is making a tick, knock, rattle or tap noise,
verify the noise by checking the following:
1. Remove the accessory drive belt and listen for sound at 1,500 rpm.
2. Is sound still present?
a. Yes >>> This bulletin does not apply further diagnosis is required.
b. No >>> Proceed to repair procedure.

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