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07 Grande Cherokee 3.0L Diesel Fuel Leak!

Hi there,

My dad has a 2007 Jeep Grande Cherokee with 160,000km on it and the 3.0L Diesel Motor. A few days ago we noticed the Jeep was leaking diesel - and leaking it bad! Would leave about a 9" diameter "stain" on the ground within half an hour. You could watch it drip. Leak was coming from right in front of the rear axle it seemed.

We just took it to a mechanic and he said that the skid plate for the fuel tank trapped dirt/moisture and rusted out the steel tank causing the leak. I am not very familiar with these jeeps but is the tank really steel and not some sort of poly/plastic compound (I never really looked at it)? and secondly has anyone else had this issue?

Its going to cost about $2,000.00 for the new tank and installation so I just want to make sure he is not being taken advantage of. If this is a common problem is there anyway to avoid it or should I just pull the skid plate off everyone in a while and clean it?


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Seems a bit odd... I wonder if it is not just a fitting that is corroded? Not sure what material the tank is but would have thought poly as you mention.

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yea gas tank is plastic
skid is steel

i would almost just drop it yourself if possible and take a look...
dont have to undo everything but just drop enough to take a look around

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You can replace this yourself with not much hassle. I recently dropped my fuel tank to install the factory skid plate. It was surprisingly easy and if I encounter any fuel tank or pump issues, I would not be affraid to tackle it myself.
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my fuel tank is ferrous metal (magnet sticks to it) but I have no skid plate. The tank has some kind of polymer coating on it that looks like it would never rust. I noticed a bit of rust on one of the bolts holding the tank strap in place, but that's it.

Mine is a 2WD Limited WK. I can see why it wouldn't have a skid-plate, but I don't understand why I'd have a metal tank and others have a plastic one (assuming this is the OEM tank - I'm 2nd owner so I can't be completely certain)

I had experience with a gasoline tank in my Ford that got punctured - once we got the gas cleaned out it was really easy to drop it, bang out the dent, braze on a patch, then re-install it. With corrosion, (assuming that's the real problem) I would be thinking about a replacement because you might patch it today only to have it leak out again next month

update - I got a closer look underneath - the metal enclosure that I thought was my tank is the "skidplate" and the actual tank is hidden inside it. The tank is made of a ferrous alloy (magnet sticks). I'd say that if a tank got corroded in there and started to leak, it would probably have to be replaced, and it would be a bigger job than dropping/swapping the tank in my old Ford.
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Had the same thing on my 2005, tank was completely rusted trough. Managed to source a used one a new would have set me back some 2000 EUR!!!!!
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thanks for the replies. the tank is definitely metal. Not sure why some are plastic and some are metal?!? Turbo Diesel i notice you have an 08. Maybe they changed it? either way I ended up taking it to my friend who is a mechanic and he confirmed it was a rusted out tank. New one is installed and no more leaks! the new tank from Mopar has a poly coating on it. the original tank was just a painted steel - it was easy to see why it rusted. I guess if you have the metal tank make sure you drop the skid plate to clean it out every once in a while. This jeep was never offroad so don't assume that staying on the hiway will prevent this situation!
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oh and installation charges were only for 1.5 hours at the shop rate. We figured if he was spending $1750 on a new tank that paying the $180 to have it installed was well worth it just to get the thing back on the road as fast as possible (my dad needs a set of wheels for his job)

We called around and no wreckers in our area had tanks from diesel cherokees. Plus, they likely would be in the same situation as his. I am happy the new tank is coated as mentioned but still curious as to why it is still steel?
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I had a similar problem. It all happened in less than half a mile though. Valentines day I was going to meet my wife at a restaurant, going down the freeway at about 55. I had a half a tank of fuel. I glanced at the fuel gauge for some reason and saw the needle moving toward the E - fast. Then people started passing me yelling that I was dumping some fluid out the *** end of the truck. I looked behind me and there was a trail of puddles as far as I could see. Luckily I had enough fuel to get to the shoulder and the truck died. Out of fuel. Looking underneath it looked like the fuel was coming from up above the front axle. I couldn't figure it out, but I took it to the tech and he said that there is a custom hose going into the fuel filter. It must have went bad and the last guy to own it went to Home Depot and spliced together air conditioning hose and a few plastic elbows to make it work - in the short term. That jerry rigged mess had ruptured. It wasn't that bad to replace the hose - special order - and change the fuel filter. Hope its more like my experience than 2 grand.

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Hey Guys, I seem to have the exact same problem as 07cummins67 referenced in the original post. I just purchased a 2008 3.0L CRD with 160k km on it a month ago and it started to leak diesel, leaving small spots on the pavement and it was dripping from the skid plate beneath the fuel tank. I plan on dropping the fuel tank this weekend to have a look and make sure it's the tank and not something else; however, I am fairly certain it is the tank because there's no wet diesel running from the superior aspect of the tank and down the walls, so it seems to be leaking from the bottom.

The dealership service department quoted a new tank being $2130.60 and labour ~$364.37. I asked them if the tank would be steel again and he said he wasn't sure. Needless to say, I started shopping online. However, I wanted to make sure I bought the right tank and maybe get some helpful hints from you guys before spending that kind of money.

Here's what I have found online:

1. http://www.factorychryslerparts.com/...8033748AA.html

2. www.mopar.com/shop/ Part Number: 68033748AA vs. Part Number: 68025106AC

However, the first link references that the tank is steel and some members here have mentioned their tanks being plastic/poly material and that is what I would like because I don't want to replace the tank again, this diesel is still young at 160 000 km.

SO to get to the point:
1. why is there such a large variation in price for some of these tanks?
(mopar site: I used my VIN and the prices for tanks ranged from $500-$1400 based on engine (ie: EVE vs EX0) i tried searching for what these meant but couldn't find anything; I assumed the diesel engine was EX0)

2. Can I purchase a poly tank somewhere? should I buy a steel tank and spray the bottom with some rubber protective polymer like plasti-dip? or is it best just to try to wash out the gravel and salt that gets trapped there and hope for the best?

Sorry for the long post, wanted to make sure you guys understood where I am coming from and my thought process. If you think this should be in a new thread let me know.

Thanks for the help,
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Do a search. A member just went through this same issue a month ago. It's been determined irrefutably that diesel WKs have a steel fuel tank under the steel skid plate. Anyone telling you differently is talking out of their ***.

Minimal clearance between the tank And skid is what causes moisture trapping and consequent rusting.

If you have some time I'd drop the skid plate, clean the tank, bedline it and see if spacing the skid further away can be done.
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Thanks! I found the thread, answered a lot!
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Leaky Fuel Tank

I have the same issue with my 2007 Grand Cherokee 3.0l diesel. The tank has rotted at the bottom due to a design flaw. Either the tank should have been made of a non-ferrous material or the skid plate should have been designed to prevent a build-up of materials and moisture inside it.

I also have been quoted $2,000 for a replacement tank and have been told there is no after-marked tank available. I am sure that as all of our 2007 diesel models start hitting the age of 7, there will be a call for these replacement tanks.

I phoned Chrysler Canada yesterday and was told there was nothing they would or could do to help me out. This is a shame as I am generally happy with the car and it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned so far.

If anyone knows of an after-market tank, please let me know.
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goodbye chrysler

08 grand cherokee yep happen to me to . chysler can go fk themself had mine welded. I been looking for parts else where ever since i bought this diesel. repair fuel tank $800.00 not $2200.00 plus 500.00 to install like chrsyler wanted. Shop i got work done at is doing a couple of these grand cherokee a month.Should have been a recall. list of parts I bought else where and what chrysler wanted. key faub ebay 2 for $45.00 a piece ,chrys $220.00 for one . Oil and fuel filter $115.00 mercedes, chrys $250.00 . Glow plugs napa $38.00 a piece top of the line ones. chrysler $89.00 a piece bottom of the line. One shop tried to charge me 6 hrs to install , capital dodge edmonton . Actual time 1.5 hrs at south town chrysler. If i go outside edmonton prices drop significantly. All these dealers in edmonton are owned by same people. 3rd chrysler ive had in a row. and the last . Talk about driving busness away.
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It's a design flaw.

Red_liner740 (above) did a nice write up on how to fix this issue.

I'm going to do mine this summer before it happens to mine.

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