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0321Nick 09-29-2011 07:32 PM

0321Nick's Build Thread
Well in May of this year (2011) I traded in the 2007 Jeep Patriot Limited and got a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I looked at over 235 vehicles between ebay and until I found my Jeep.

So I picked up the Grand Cherokee with leather interior, QTII, factory skids, fog lights, factory all weather mats, and about 47000 miles on it.

First thing I did was install a K&N CAI, and ordered the Superchips Flashpaq.

Next thing I did was to get a Magnaflow exhaust. I was going to order their kit, but I found a custom shop literally 3 miles from my house and they would give me the Magnaflow muffler, tip, custom cut tubing that is thicker and longer lasting than the kit's tubing for $500 - that's including install/cutting/welding labor!

Here's a few (amateur) videos of the exhaust:

I just ordered OME HD 2" and JBA UCAs, Spidertrax 1.5" spacers (blemished, thank you Jeep Forum for the insight).

I have to still order tires, I am going with 265/70/17 and was very set on Wrangler Duratracs, but am constantly torn between those and BFG ATs. This will be a daily driver during the week.

When I get the lift in I will take some before and after pictures. :cheers2:

Eurotrash 09-29-2011 08:07 PM

Sounds good. A bit steep for that exhaust. I had mine done at a well known shop locally for 125. That was the magnaflow and materials and labor. I left my resonator on but think I want it off now. I didn't do a tip because I like it all tucked away. Don't wanna tear it up offroading

0321Nick 09-29-2011 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by Eurotrash (Post 12247501)
I had mine done at a well known shop locally for 125.

Very nice price!! - From what I could find, $500 was the best. The other alternative was the $700 full Magnaflow kit and I would still have the labor charges.

This was a full Cat-Back exhaust I had installed, if that makes a difference.

0321Nick 10-21-2011 08:27 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Getting my OME HD Installed today along with JBA UCAs and Spidertrax 1.5" Spacers!! :2thumbsup:

The plan was to do the install myself, but with a 9 month old, that was a pipe dream :(

Also getting 265/70/17 Wrangler Duratracs installed today as well!

The Before Shots:

jager00 10-21-2011 11:05 AM

Nice start to your build. I cant remember mine ever been that low lol i guess its been a wile... post the lift pics when ya get them!!!

AJeepZJ 10-21-2011 03:11 PM

added to the list. Good luck

0321Nick 10-21-2011 04:41 PM

4 Attachment(s)
And the AFTER:

Ka-JING! :cheers2:

Very Happy with the result - my wife drove me to pick it up and her first words were "Woah!".... and it was the good "Woah" a wife can say. :laugh:

AJeepZJ 10-21-2011 04:57 PM

Looks very good, nice!!!

0321Nick 10-21-2011 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by AJeepZJ (Post 12363728)
Looks very good, nice!!!

Thanks Man - I'm pretty Pumped! :D

JeepN4KC 10-22-2011 06:00 AM

Nice! Once I installed my lift and got the tires mounted, I remember thinking pictures I'd seen with WK's & OME & 265's just didn't quite capture what it looks like in person. Good idea putting in new UCA's while everything was happening. Congrats, your rig looks great!:2thumbsup:
Maybe an OME WK club is in the future? Any takers?

Ryan101505 10-22-2011 06:37 AM

Looks nice man congrats

0321Nick 11-09-2011 02:45 PM

Replaced my lift gate supports with the Mopar accessories from Just4Jeeps.

So nice not having to assist the gate up anymore.

Bonus - Great excuse to buy star wrench set for socket set, as well as a long socket to install the lower portion of the struts. :2thumbsup:

mrtosh 11-09-2011 03:08 PM

Looks sharp! My favorite color too!

Camp 11-09-2011 04:13 PM

Nice looking jeep. Thats almost exactly what I plan on doing with mine, OME HD 2'' lift, 265/70/17 duratracs, and a new CAI. Looks great man good job.

t3kmitch 11-09-2011 04:33 PM

How close are you with your pinch weld? Not sure if it's just the picture but it looks pretty close if you would have to jam your wheel up into the well.

The time now is 10:09 AM.

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