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Diggin'Taters 10-17-2002 09:48 AM

White Jeep Club.
Hey, everybody else was doin' it! :rolleyes: :D

RideRed04 10-17-2002 11:07 AM

I am a white boy, does that count?

Diggin'Taters 10-17-2002 11:12 AM

Sorry. Not to discriminate or anything, but white JEEPS only. Skin color does not matter, only Jeep color. :D

Mels95YJ 10-17-2002 01:21 PM

Well, I guess that makes me White Jeep Member #2. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride...:D


Diggin'Taters 10-17-2002 01:25 PM

Welcome Aboard! :D

Zig 10-17-2002 04:48 PM

Ah! Now we get to the good color:D Make me #3

NaeKid 10-17-2002 07:07 PM

Here is a picture of my Jeep ..

Can I be member number 69?? :D

Diggin'Taters 10-18-2002 07:07 AM

Uhhh...sure naekid. I guess we just need to fill in between 2 and 69. WooHoo the white Jeep club has an ancient member! :D

Diggin'Taters 10-18-2002 07:45 AM

I drove to work this morning in my WHITE Jeep with no top or doors. It was like 50 degrees out (freakin' cold for here). By the time I got to work I had snot and tears running all over my face. It was great! :D

Diggin'Taters 10-20-2002 04:38 PM

Come on people! I know there is more than 3 drivers of white Jeeps here! Make yourselves known!

thecarman 10-20-2002 04:54 PM

Yes, white jeeps rule! What number am I?

AllanAlxndr 10-20-2002 05:11 PM

This club died before when it was Me and Naekid... White Jeep gotta represent;)

Diggin'Taters 10-20-2002 08:52 PM

thecarman, that makes you #4 since naekid wanted to go out of sequence and be #69:D AA, w00t! White Jeeps represent!!:D :cool:

Quik26 10-20-2002 09:05 PM

I have a white 81' CJ7 Laredo... Can i hop on? But i want to be #26... you know... :)


thecarman 10-20-2002 09:16 PM


Originally posted by Quik26
I have a white 81' CJ7 Laredo... Can i hop on? But i want to be #26... you know... :)


26 it is!

Welcome to the club!

The time now is 08:45 AM.

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