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95ZeeJay 06-24-2013 08:44 PM

Corbeau Baja RS seas in '03+ TJ?
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Yes I searched, but it seems that all of the other postings were from owners of earlier TJ's. Stock brackets are different in '03 and up, right? Trying to see if anyone successfully fabbed up some adapters to use stock brackets on the RS seats, or am I stuck buying the Corbeau stuff. I am quite a bit shorter than my boyfriend, plus I regularly have people in the back seat, so I need to be absolutely sure the new seats will be able to slide and the passenger side to pivot forward out of the way.


95ZeeJay 07-21-2013 02:29 PM

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OK so I got the seats, and I got the adapters. Old passenger seat out and removed from stock sliders, no problem. I see how the adapter bracket attaches to the seat. I see how the adapter bracket attaches to the frame. What I don't see is where how these friggin cables attach to the adapter to make them recline/slide or otherwise move. Instructions say to "completely remove cable with white ends" and "re-route the cable with the black end to location specified". There IS no cable with 2 white ends. Both cables have a white end and a black end and the photo shows them both in original location with a bunch of arrows not designating which one actually moved. Doesn't help that instructions are for driver's side, don't include all the extra levers on the passenger side and are so poorly printed you can't see much detail. And of course I have to wait 'til tomorrow to call them to clarify:rolleyes:...:ranton:

95ZeeJay 07-21-2013 08:59 PM

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Update: after a lot more cussing my boyfriend somehow figured out how everything fit together. Just need to bolt it in and start work on the other side. Rant OFF, LOL

The time now is 02:29 AM.

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