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SirGCal 12-05-2005 11:34 AM

Trail Reports & Pictures

Post-Run Reports ONLY!
Public Trail Closing/Openings Notices also acceptable.

No inquiries or run setups or damage reports. Only full run reports/pics. Think of perhaps trying to explain to someone what the day was like to see if they might like to go.If it doesn't sound like that, it'll be moved. And this includes 'look at me wheel' or 'wheeling in some random location' pictures/videos.

Also, no posts of "my friend's ranch" or "private land run" or such. Only official places where anyone can go, pay and wheel are allowed here.

This forum should be somewhere people look to see reviews of places they can go run, this is NOT to show off the latest trail rash or 'see me wheel' pics. Nore is it the place to ask where to go or to organize a run. Please post those in the proper Wheeling Neighborhood areas.

  • Please try to keep your messages on topic. For this message group, that means talking about and showing pictures of your wheeling adventures. The moderators will allow a certain amount of "off-topic" messaging, but please do not push it.
  • This is not the place just to advertise pictures of your vehicles or runs, but a full report of the run is also required to explain the pictures and give examples of prices, events, etc.
  • Do NOT use this forum to organize rides or inquire to trails or wheeling locations. This area is ONLY or reports and pictures after the event. Orginization or 'where are the trails' posts will be moved or deleted without warning.
  • Do NOT post pictures or write-ups on illegal topics or events. Such items would include, but not be limited to, wheeling in construction areas, Wheeling in Texas rivers, wheeling private land without permission, regardless of who does it, etc. If there is a 'No Trespassing' sign, construction area, or power line road that is off-limits, then for the reasons of posting to this forum it is illegal and should not be posted here. Any threads thought to be containing potentially illegal content can be deleted without notice. If you think any part of your thread might be seen in a potentially illegal way, explain briefly why it is not illegal and that will be taken into consideration before deletion. (For example, a Texas wheeling location with a legal stream crossing. eThough rare, they do xist.) If there is ANY question to the legality of the events in the pictures, then do not post them here.
  • Swearing, flaming, slamming, trolling and spamming will not be tolerated. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines of this site will either be edited for content or will be deleted all-together. This is your only warning. Repeat offenders will find their login-id's and IP addresses banned from using
  • Please put in the "name and state and date" in which the event took place in the subject of the thread so that people can locate things closer to them more easily. Subjects must contain name and date of the event
  • Pictures should be posted with your messages and in this case every thread should have a pictures or at least links to pictures. Picture-less threads may be deleted in this area. Please check the Registry Section for ideas on how to properly post the pictures and links that you wish for others to see. (Account status must be to the point which allows pictures to be posted.)
  • Topics allowed include post event items only. No topics of 'getting a run together for' or 'where to wheel' will be allowed here.
  • Posts must include the name, location and date of the information or it will be moved/deleted from the area.
  • Give any detailed information you can to help others
    • directions
    • trail passes required
    • trail amenities
    • etc. Anything you think would help someone considering to wheel there.
  • Posts that are nothing but "padding" the post-counter (ie: "I agree") will not be tolerated for long. If you agree, say so, but please add more to the discussion, you do have opinions that you can share!
  • As times and members change with this group, some questions maybe asked over and over again.
    - For the oldtimers, please be patient with those who are new.
    - To those who are new, you can search the online databases for answers to your questions.
    If you feel the answers found do not satisfy you, please post your question here. Sometimes the answers you are looking for may be in other sections.
Thank you,

The Moderators

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