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Jeffro06 05-29-2013 04:38 PM

JGW: Moab 2013
BRay (Brian and his girlfriend Jan), silovich (Kevin) and I (Jeff) left for Moab on Saturday, May 18th. Kevin was in Indy, so he was on the road a couple of hours before us. We managed to meet up in Iowa at "The World's Largest Truckstop".

Kevin needed a spare trailer tire mounted up, but "The World's Largest Truckstop" wasn't capable of doing such a tough job.

Kevin used his phone to find a shop down the off we went.

It wasn't long until we pulled into the tire shop.

They mounted two tires on rims and one was mounted up on the trailer and the other was put in Kevin's truck...for a spare.

It wasn't long after that when Kevin's truck decided it needed a new alternator.

We pulled into an AutoZone, where Jan used her employee discount to save Kevin a few bucks, and swapped out the alternator.

Luckily the alternator was easy to get to.

I didn't however say it was comfortable to get to.

But Kevin managed the swap in about 30-minutes.

After that it was smooth sailing until just after North Platte Nebraska, where the skies turned dark and the weather alert sounded over the radio. Strong storms with golf ball size hail and possible tornadoes were possible. With that bit of news we pulled into Ogalala Nebraska and grabbed dinner at Denny's...the worst one ever, and decided to stay the night at the Quality Inn Denny's was attached too. Brian and I even got to park our jeeps under the covered entry way....Kevin was SOL.

The next morning we headed off towards Colorado. Ogalala to the Denver area pretty much sucks....flat and up hill.

We finally got a glimpse of the Rockies.

Way off in the distance, but they gave us hope of things to come.

We stopped for breakfast just before starting the big climb up the mountains.

Some other jeepers stopped to check out Kevin's rig.

After a few minutes of chatting we headed up the mountain.

We ran into snow....not just on the mountains, but it actually snowed on us. I would have hated to be one of the guys we saw on motorcycles.

Things were pretty nasty up by the Eisenhower Tunnel. The east bound lanes were backed up a bit as two state trucks put de-icer down.

The tunnel was nice and dry.

Kevin's Chevy was put to a test pulling Jeffery up the mountain. Brian, Jan and I decided to continue ahead a bit and do a little sight seeing, while Kevin chugged along.

While we were out at a scenic overlook Kevin went was a bit of a down hill section so he was moving right along.

I snapped a photo for a couple and they returned the favor.

We grabbed a couple of shots next to our jeeps too.

After making our way through the mountains we coasted on into Utah.

We finally made it to Hwy 128 and got our first glimpse of the promised land.

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 04:38 PM

Monday: Dome Plateau
We stayed at the Moab KOA, we had two cabins, which were brand new.

Once we got unpacked Kevin decided it was time to make Jeffery all one color.

He had a set of black half doors, so that saved him some painting time. He also took the windshield off, so no painting there either.

The view of the mountains was really nice.

On Monday we decided to hit Dome Plateau, which is a moderate trail. We had to drive about 36 miles to get there, but the drive was really nice.

Once at Dewey Bridge, where Top Of The World begins, we aired down.

Dewey starts on the other side of the road and is like 34 miles long.

The scenery is really nice.

This arch wasn't broken in the photo in the guide...but it is now.

There were a few fun spots along the way.

We played on pretty big arch.

The view from the river overlook was awesome.

Kevin wasn't finding the trail to be much of a challenge so he decided to do parts of it in front wheel drive.

There were a few caves to check out.

There was one section of the trail that justified the moderate rating.

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 04:39 PM

Monday: Top Of The World
After Dome we crossed the road and did Top Of The World, which is rated as difficult. There are a few small ledges along the way and the trail is pretty rocky all the way up, and all the way down.

Once at the top, I had to get another shot on the point.

The views are great, no matter where you look.

We took a small break before starting down, but I couldn't get anyone else to drive out on the point.

Once we were done with Top Of The World we drove back into town and had dinner at Denny's.

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 04:39 PM

Tuesday: Fins-N-Things
On Tuesday we decided to do Fins-N-Things, which is also rated as difficult. Before heading to the trails each morning we grabbed breakfast, either at McDonald's or Denny's, depending on which was closer to the trail we were headed to.

Fins is pretty fun, a bit bumpy at times, but fun.

After completing the first short section of Fins BRay decided it wasn't for him. He had a brand new MetalCloak lift and 35" MTR's on Racelines at home, but didn't have time to get them on before the trip, so he decided to pass on the harder trails.

Kevin and I continued on.

There were plenty of fun things to drive up, which made us happy.

The ups and downs were fun.

After Fins-N-Things we decided to head over to Poison Spider.

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 04:40 PM

Tuesday: Poison Spider, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim
After Fins-N-Things Kevin and I decided to do Poison Spider, Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim. Running them all together was suggested to Kevin by someone at gas ended up being a great suggestion.

The trail becomes fun right from the get go.

With it being just the two of us we were making pretty good time.

There were plenty of obstacles to keep us entertained.

We took time out for a photo op...

We saw Pig Rock...

And we always took in the views.....

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 04:40 PM

Tuesday: Poison Spider, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim
As we continued along we kept finding more and more fun stuff.

I didn't think I'd make it, but a quick rock stack by Kevin was all I needed.

I was always willing to suggest some interesting lines for Kevin.

I call this one Jeffery frames the Colorado River quite nicely.

We did Golden Crack too....but it's on video. Kevin did it forward and backwards.

After we made our way back into town we stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner.

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 04:41 PM

Wednesday: Hell's Revenge
On Wednesday we headed off to do Hell's Revenge. I did it 2011 but I didn't go Hell's Gate, Escalator or Tip Over Challenge....I was determined to correct that this time around.

I love the climbs on Hell's Revenge.

We managed to get behind Dan Mick and his son, and followed them down Hell's Gate.

Going down was easy.

With all the horror stories, and rollover vids on YouTube going up seemed to weigh on my mind a bit more.

Kevin went first, but his 84" axle width made quick work of Hell's Gate.

At least Dan and his tour group stuck around to watch our success, or failure.

Thankfully it was success, not failure.

Dan told me I took the same line Tracey of the famous rolls on YouTube...which I now can't find. Dan said the only difference between my line and her's was my Jeep performed better.

After Hell's Gate we went to find some more things to plan on.

We came upon the hot tubs.

We were told, by Dan, that the small one was "Belly Button" and the bigger of the two was "Car Wash"...but someone had marked them wrong.

Kevin drove down into Car Wash....but didn't give it a shot...which was probably a smart move, since we still had a few days to wheel.

Mickey's Hot Tub was a different story.....

Tip Over Challenge was more hype than a challenge.

We drove right past Escalator, didn't even see it. But we turned around and found it.

We have that on video. Kevin did it twice, because I screwed up the first video......actually he did it so easy, with those wide axles, that I wanted to see him do it again.

Once we were done with Hell's Revenge we went to McDonald's for lunch, thumbed through my book and decided to do Cliff Hanger.

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 07:18 PM

Wednesday: Cliff Hanger
We really didn't know much about Cliff Hanger when we chose it, other than it seemed like a trail we could finish before dark.

Cliff Hanger will let you know if it's for you right from the start, as the first obstacle is a pretty good ledge. The trail gets tighter and tighter as you climb up and up.

Kevin is afraid of heights, so had he known we would be mere inches from the edge he may not have gone up this trail.

Once at the top we started to worry about what may happen if we met with a group coming up the trail as we went back down.....since there is no place to pass.

There was a pretty good boulder/ledge section with little room for error that I had concern about getting back up, so I made Kevin go first. I figured if I couldn't make it he'd be my winch point.

When we got to that section he couldn't get up. This made me a bit nervous. I got out and walked up on the edge to spot him. He was afraid his jeep would bounce towards the edge, but I told him he had to bump it, no matter what. He did so and made it up.

I was next, and a bit worried. I got in my Jeep, put it in 4lo, locked both axles and climbed right issues at all. I think this was one of those obstacles where bigger isn't always better.

The rest of the way down was a cake walk....until we got to the exit.

The staircase of ledges presented us with a test. The first line I took resulted in my being on three wheels....I slowly backed down.

Kevin gave it a few shots but was getting nowhere fast. I sat on the ledges next to him, looking at my options, then went for it. My Jeep banged and bounced it's way to the top. Kevin soon followed.

Pictures don't do the exit justice. We have a lot of video of this trail. It was an hour up and an hour back.

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 07:27 PM

Thursday: Moab Rim, Kane Creek and Potato Salad Hill
Thursday we opted for Moab Rim and Kane Creek, since they were in the same general area.

The first part of Moab Rim is the best part, with the ledges and z-turns...but I didn't get any photos of this on the way up, but it is on video.

There is some fun stuff on the remainder of the trail, so it is worth going to the top.

On the way down you stare right at the Colorado River.

Coming down the ledges is easier than going up them.

After Moab Rim we hit Kane Creek:

The first ten miles of Kane Creek is pretty tame, and we made quick work of it. We actually started wondering why it was rated at difficult. Kane Creek actually has creek crossing after creek crossing, and can get pretty confusing at times. Kevin didn't follow me across the creek once and instead went down the creek. Thanks to his music and loud *** diesel it took me quite awhile to catch up with him. He was cruising right along.....apparently not caring that I was no where to be seen. He said he thought I was in front of him....but he was doing like 40 mph, and there's no way I could do that....silly kids.

About 10-miles in we found "Hamburger Hill"...which is the reason Kane Creek is rated as difficult. We also found a jeep left on this section, nobody around at all. The jeep was coming down the trail, which is the wrong way. We drove around it and finished without incident. We have video of this too.

After finishing Kane Creek went to Potato Salad Hill:

The Hill looks steeper and narrower in person than it does on video.

It took a few tries and the lowering of the tire pressure, but Kevin made it up.

After that it was time for dinner.

We also watched the full moon rise.

crazycollinz 05-29-2013 07:42 PM

I can't wait to go out there

Jeffro06 05-29-2013 08:38 PM

Friday: Strike Ravine and Area BFE
Friday we hit Strike Ravine, which leads to Area BFE and Kevin really wanted to try Helldorado, so off we went.

Strike Ravine has some fun stuff to offer....but you had better pay attention to where you're going because this was the worst marked trail of the trip.

It also has lizards.

We looked at the mine.

Then made our way to Area BFE. I drove up a couple of ledges, but I left the big stuff to Kevin.

Kevin did have a pucker moment, or two.

After some playing around near the parking lot we headed down to Helldorado...I left my jeep in the lot.

Getting in wasn't exactly easy.

I hopped in with Kevin and we continued down Helldorado to the waterfall...which we looked at, and Kevin put the front tires up it...but we thought better of it, since there was nobody around to save us.

Kevin turned around and went back down to where Miner Threat started and did that.

This was the end of our wheeling adventures. We headed back to town and prepared our jeeps for the return home.

We covered 145 off road miles in 5 days. I drove my Rubi 3311 miles over the course of 9 days.

None of us broke anything.

I did dent my Skidrow engine skid, gas tank skid and one of my Rokmen sliders a bit, but that's what armor is for.

The Goodyear Duratrac's performed flawlessly. I ran them at 16 psi.

I couldn't be happier with the way my Rubi performed on it's second, more fun, Moab trip.

I'll have a lot of GoPro vids, eventually.

If you want to see all the pics I took you can look: HERE!

I have a few pics from the point and shoot camera I loaned Kevin, but I haven't gotten them off there yet...but I will. Hopefully Kevin will add his camera phone pics as well.

On the way home Kevin had to put the Chevy in 4lo to get up the mountain summit of 10,603 feet. He also changed one more tire on the trailer somewhere in Nebraska I believe it was.

My Derale tranny cooler worked great, and often. Some wondered about it's mounting location but with all the rocks I drove on, bounced on and landed on, it never took a hit.

Brian, Jan and I stopped in Grand Island Nebraska on the way home, but Kevin drove straight through....23 hours on the road. I did that in 2011 but wasn't about to do it again.

It'll probably be a few years before I get a chance to go back, but I'll go back, after all I do have 10 more difficult trails to do.

ksilovich 05-29-2013 10:10 PM

well I broke a suck down line, and I did try the hot tub once - kinda. I pussied out lol

Utah_Jay 05-30-2013 04:43 PM

Great report and pics!

Jeeper4life88 05-30-2013 05:49 PM

Nice! One day I will make it out there! Thats pretty cool you drove your Jeep out there, wheeled it, and drove it back!

Jeffro06 05-30-2013 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by Jeeper4life88 (Post 15500264)
Nice! One day I will make it out there! Thats pretty cool you drove your Jeep out there, wheeled it, and drove it back!

Twice! :D

The time now is 11:21 AM.

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