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gsxtasee 05-08-2013 09:21 AM

mods to play with the 258.. thinking cam & boost!
so Im playing around with this carbureted wonderful new toy I got that is my '63 gladiator. I'm likely picking up a 360 today or this weekend and may also have a line on a 400 SBC package.. in the meantime the I6 seems to run fine but just has no balls and I'm playing around trying to learn about carbureted engines (I'm a turbo/EFI kinda guy)

so while I'm trying to decide what V8 and running gear to go with I thought I might play around with the I6 that's in here and see how it goes.. I can easily fab up a flange and drop in a used junkyard turbo and use one of hte intercoolers I have lying around and boost her up a bit but am also considering a moderate cam but know nothing about these engines.. what do you guys think? new carb/ manifold? new cam? F'it all and just boost it? ;p looking for real input here and appreciate anything you guys have to offer. I know I seem really ignorant.. because I am but that's why Im doing this is to get caught up on the old school stuff every gearhead should know since I got a late start and only know how to play with the computerized stuff..

jeepdj5 05-08-2013 10:35 PM

The 258 is one of the best engines out there, ALL i6 engines lasted

if only gas was cheaper :D

jeepin87 05-12-2013 10:16 AM

Downfall of the I-6 is head flow. They respond well to it! If you are doing that then you should also find a 2 brl carb from an AMC v8 and adapt it to the 6. You can get the adapter from a local parts store.

Zorm 05-17-2013 09:06 AM

Humm, turbo....I am thinking along those lines with my 4.6 Stroker build located here

I have not had a turbo on the 258 I had when I had one but I did put in a HEI dizzy I picked up from a junk yard Chevy pickup. I also put on the 4.0 head (flows better and you need to either epoxi or weld some water ports to mate it to the 258 block) Modified the 258 intake to fit on the 4.0 head, and put on a 2100 2 bbl carb with the correct jets. She was a good running engine.
Now I am going Stroker and seeing how that will be in a FSJ.s

If you want to go for MPFI on the 4.0, check out thread;

For the turbo on the 4.6 I am thinnking about routing my exhaust up the dizzy side of the engine then put the turbo on. That way there is no need to make a new exhaust manifold and I can run the exahust back down the same way. I only want about 6-8 lbs of boost so we'll see how that goes.

Good luck and I will be watching as I also want to find a "junk yard" turbo set up that might work for these engines.

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