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87GrandWagon447 05-19-2012 01:25 AM

Best place to start...?
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I recently came across a 1987 Grand Wagoneer.. I have done quite a bit of work, im no pro but wrenchin is something i just enjoy. I have pretty much everything under control but a pesky overcharging issue and some minor aesthetics are alluding me.

-Attatched pics for better explanation..:thumbsup:

#1-this connector is on my front left wheel well wall, it doesnt seem to have anything to connect to and it runs back into the wiring harness near the lower driverside corner of the radiator. - any clues?

#2- This little red wire comes from the wiring harness, going to the right in the photo.. checked the connector that you can see near it but the connector has no free or unused ports. - ideas?

#3 - this is a ground wire coming from the engine block and grounded onto the engine mount? i have no idea what it does but i have a unknown overcharging cause, might this be the problem lol.. the wire has exposed copper at both ends and near the wire clasp on the center - important enough to replace? cause overcharge?

#4 - this is my steering, this crescent clasp near the top, photo will be up and right runs near firewall under my MC.. - worth worrying about?

#5 - Clamp above steering gear.. seems blown out due to power steering fluid leak over the years.. easy replace, worth replacement?

These are things very obvious.. got a couple other things i know will need replacing but i know its going to be extensive and im wary to get into them but some things are:

-atleast 6 connectors under dash i cant find plug ins for.. like #1 but all different shapes and styles

-doorlocks, tailgate inner rods are bent keeping me from dropping tailgate, driver side seat springs are worn out but in overall good condition so is it worth replacing only the springs under the driver? soft bushings up front in steering linkage..

-:ranton: to make sure this whole thread isnt just an insult on my jeep lol its 67 corvette electric blue deemed pusher(old x-files reference), and engine runs like a dream im sure that when i can start to create my vehicle for the z-apocalypse then this jeep will be one of the best bases to start from lol

jasonprichards 05-21-2012 08:08 PM

It looks like it might be the fog lamp relay plug (minus the relay) a new realy from teamgrandwgoneer is about 6 bucks. As the new guy I'm just taking a shot at it!

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