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Quantumspores 06-24-2013 01:02 PM

84 Grand Wagoneer Engine Replacement
Well, its a sad day in JeepLand - my 84 Grand Wagoneer has a blown engine. What are the available options for a "better than stock" engine that will directly bolt onto the existing tranny and use the same engine mounts? Anyone have any good experiences with rebuilt-engine companies or aftermarket crate engines?

If I cannot find a good direct-fit engine I will probably go the route of the small-block 350 but that requires new mounts and several other modifications.


super98lsc 06-24-2013 01:36 PM

Well depends on your wallet etc. If the 360 v8 can be rebuilt it will be your most simple option for certain. Avoiding the cost of adapters/exhaust/mounts etc. I will say that if you can find an entire GM LS 5.3 drive line complete and have the time/cash to do the swap it will be very clean provide more power than the stock 360 and obtain much better mileage.

The 360 .030 over with new pistons, bearings etc will set you back at least 500-800 in machine work and then cost on parts/pistons and a crank if yours is not able to be salvaged. If a good running 401 can be sourced it would bolt right in, then you can rebuild it later when needed. The AMC will want a new timing cover/oil pump, cam,lifters and a valve job etc. For added performance and power I would step up the cam quite a bit from factory then add a 4 barrel intake and a properly tuned 4 barrel. The smaller primaries on a 4v carb will allow for better low speed TQ and mileage but provide the added umph when you want / need it.

Chevy 350 pretty hard to beat on price/parts. You might consider a 383 stroker if you go that route.

Quantumspores 06-24-2013 06:16 PM

The only reason I'm considering the 350 small block is because I have one I've been rebuilding for another project. It's tempting to use it because I already have it, but the adapter/etc are expensive.

It would be soooo much simpler to just find a 'direct replacement' that doesn't require modifications. Precision engine makes a nice 300-350hp build that is a direct fit but they want $3k + core. I'd like to keep the price to $1500 or less.

olliehopnoodle 06-24-2013 10:04 PM

Not much will bolt right in. The AMC engines have a unique bell housing pattern. There is simply no way you could do a swap for $1500 or less.

What's wrong with the 84 engine? When you say it is 'blown' what do you mean?

I picked up a rebuilt 401 (with receipts) for 2300 but it was luck. A 401 is 'mostly' bolt in. Some of the accessory bolt sizes can be different, same with the exhaust bolts. The oil pan from your 360 might need to be used to clear exhaust but, yes, it is mostly bolt in. No adapters or big surprises.

Unless you are a killer fabricator you won't get an engine swap in cheap. Engine mounts, adapters or tranny mounts, TC and maybe drive shafts. Radiators can be differet. Exhaust will have to be done. Linkage for it all. Lots of little things really add up quick.

Quantumspores 06-25-2013 07:03 AM

Best guess right now is a busted rod. I haven't taken the engine out yet. I'm also considering just doing a higher performance rebuild of the exiting engine is the block and head are okay.

super98lsc 06-25-2013 09:07 AM

I would plan on 2k for an entire low mileage ls 5.3 w tcase etc. then another 1500+ for small stuff, adapters, linkages, exhaust, fuel pump, tank etc. i'm on the fence also and my 360 runs good just want to refresh it.

Quantumspores 06-25-2013 09:43 AM has a nice high performance rebuild (300-350HP) for around 3K - direct fit. By the time you get the accessories (intake manifold, carb, oil pan, etc) and have everything shipped it will be closer to $4K.

360 AMC block bored, honed, decked and align honed
Performance camshaft:
o 204/214 @ .050
o .472lift
o 110 lobe center
New performance cam bearings
Balanced rotating assembly with balancer (add $400.00)
o Reground 3.44” stroke crankshaft
o Resized rods with ARP rod bolts
o New performance bearings
Performance pistons with Molly rings
o 9 to 1 compression ratio
New performance timing set
New oil pump kit
Cylinder heads include:
o 2.02”/1.68” stainless steel valves
o Matching valve springs
o New head bolts
o 3 angle seats
o bronze guides
o positive seals
o Bowl porting
o stage 2 porting (add 695.00)
New push rods, rocker stands and stamped rockers
New performance gasket set
Paint black or AMC blue


Quantumspores 06-27-2013 08:25 AM

Anyone know a good place to get a 401 longblock at a reasonable price?

CSP 06-27-2013 08:47 AM

If you were closer I'd sell you a running 401 with less than 5k on the rebuild for $1k. I won't ship it though.

Little Green 06-27-2013 07:35 PM

Where are you located and why are you selling?

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