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super98lsc 07-01-2013 01:20 PM

4L80E and T-Case
I know I will need an adapter to install the 4L80E behind the 360.
Question: What GM case will work in the Wagon and work well? I dont want to downgrade from my 100% perfect and freshly built NP229 but if it costs less to just bolt in a GM case to match the GM trans and I gain some reliability then is it a smart move? I hear all sorts of viscous coupling horror stories. The only time I could see using 4 high on the street is in the once every 3 year ice storms we can get, or If I ventured into the snow up in Colorado with it. So keeping the on road 4x4 option is nice.

Should I just obtain the adapter and retain the 229? Could care less about the cost of the adapters just want to do it once and do it right etc. Plan on using a TCI controller to handle the shifting duties. I like the idea of the easy programming. Although I am looking into ones that use a laptop as well.

Done some searching and have seen a 5.3/4l80e NP241 swap on IFSJA but not anyone who has retained the 360/NP229 with the 4L80e

jason m 07-04-2013 10:30 PM

Question what is the trans going into and how will you make the 4l80 run on a 360 motor, they are computer controlled trans. Unless you find the super rare 91 year that was in the quad cab Chevys, but if you have that one then you will have a 205 bolted to it any ways.

So lets say you can make or find a way to make the 4l80 run behind your motor, you could mount a 205 several different ways. 1, you could run a Chevy 205 with a 32 spline input as that match the 32 spline output of the 4l80 and you could keep the 4l80 stock and just run a 5/8" spacer to make the gap/distance.
2, if you need a driver drop case run a ford 205 with a 32 spline input from a Chevy and repeat the steps above.
3, If you have the room run a divorced 205 ether in driver drop or pass, just depends on front axle.

Now a 241 case has the same round pattern as a 205, build a 205 adapter and make a spacer or a custom adapter or run the 241 adapter and make a spacer like I said above.
Maybe with a 241 you can use the VSS on the tail shaft to make the trans shift, but I cant say for sure how the wiring would work.

Just not sure the 4l80 would or even could work due to the wiring involved, something has to tell it to shift ( Comp, VSS ), unless you have the super rare 91 model.
Now a 700r, would work but its not going to be as strong out of the box as a 4l80, but you can find them in both pass side drop and driver drop 241.


BJ's Off-Road 07-09-2013 07:10 AM

I put a Cummins in my 1996 Suburban and kept the 4L80E transmission. Here is the controller I used: http://www.powertraincontrolsolution...t/SimpleShift/

It was super easy to set up, all it needs is throttle position and a speed sensor.

super98lsc 07-09-2013 09:16 AM

I was looking at the TCI units as well. Which Cummins did you run? I have read a lot about 4BT swaps but would like a 6BT if I went that route. The only deterrent for me is the noise and the weight of the engine. I think it would really hose up the handling of my FSJ, which surprisingly has a good balance to it. The main thing I wanted to know is if its worth it to retain the NP229 I have or just use a GM case to match the 4L80E.
I have many laptops so no worries there, do you think a unit that offers full control of the shift schedules via a laptop would provide more value? Or is the simplicity of this device with the more analog control more than enough? Say for gear swaps cam changes or full engine swaps down the line.

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