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eric411 05-24-2013 11:11 AM

1979 Jeep J10

Picked this old girl up not too long ago, and she is my first FSJ. Pretty new to anything older and had just figured out my way around the 4.0 when I got a steal on this. She is a 1979 Jeep J10 with a AMC 360 motor and a "4" speed tranny (granny,1,2,3) but I'm not sure exactly what tranny is in it. Also, the 4x4 is a different set up than I have seen on any other FSJ. The 4x4 control is up through the floor towards the passenger side of the gear shift and up a good bit towards the dash. She needs new interior and the carpet is currently laid over the bare metal and there is no shift boots around either the shifter or the 4x4 control. It gets hot with the heat coming up through the floor so that may need to be my first project. She is sitting on 31x10.50, and will eventually throw some 35"x12.50r16 on there but don't know how much lift/trimming will need to be done first. I would like to do a SOA, but I have heard I will be looking around $1k to do so with setting up the high steering and all that jazz. What I am requesting from all of your wealths of knowledge is to find out what tranny I may have, and what I need to do to get a 5-speed in there. Also, what all is required to do the SOA and to fit 35"s? Also, where can I find parts for her? I've looked around online and not found much. Specifically, I really want a bench seat. Thanks in advance for any help,and let me know if you all would like any other pictures.

wvrefugee 05-25-2013 06:24 AM


revelc 05-25-2013 08:30 AM

Message BJsOffroad on their website.
With your inquiries. They will have nearly everything you need.

I am new to the wide track game but my Cherokee is sitting on 32.8" tires and it hasn't rubbed yet on stock springs.

Rusty's makes an all spring 4" lift kit that is relatively cheaper than everyone else's except for rough country. And from what I understand the Rusty's kit's ride is way more forgiving.

If you'll be wheeling you might want a bigger lift.
A 4" lift should allow for 35" but it might be tight.

Some say the SOA warps your stock springs so you'll need a new set of springs anyways. Also you will need to install a high steer kit in addition to the spring over axle shackle flip. So it will cost over $1,000 to do it right.

The Rusty's kit is only $500-$600 depending where you live.

I have one on my Wagoneer and it was really easy to install. I only needed a hand to bleed the brakes. I'll be purchasing a second one for the Cherokee so it can run 33" and have plenty of room.

This should help with your tranny questions.

Spaceball 05-25-2013 11:56 AM

Nice looking truck! And I like the John Deere lisc plate too, you should leave it on there :D

I've ordered parts for my J10 from BJ's Off Road and Team Grand Wagoneer. They both have alot of stuff for FSJs.

I don't see any rust from those pics either, that's great!

Dngrs1 05-25-2013 12:25 PM

Nice J truck. That first picture says it all. You will be there often!;)

Voltage258 05-25-2013 12:28 PM

Looks good I gave always liked / wanted a j10....And didn't I see truck on reddit?

HEMIjeep360 06-03-2013 04:17 AM

I'm subscribed. Not to jack your thread, but I'm in the same boat. Getting ready to pick up a '77 J-20 with a '71 AMC 401 cid on Wednesday. I'm looking fit a bench seat. It has really decent bucket seats in it right now with a center jump seat and arm rest. I have kids, so the bench will work better for me. It has a 6 or 8 inch Hellcreek suspension lift and sits on 36x12.5's

I'm super stoked. Looking forward to your build, maybe e can help each other out.

jeeplovin 06-05-2013 10:15 PM

I really love your truck

HEMIjeep360 06-06-2013 05:46 AM

I must have the same tranny as you, my 4wd shifter is low and up front on the passenger side. I'm digging into it to find out what it is.

240impala 06-07-2013 12:07 AM

Did you buy this in Greenville sc?

HEMIjeep360 06-18-2013 07:46 AM

You probably have the same set up as me, minus the engine.

Dana 20 transfer case, T18a transmission. They make a twin stick conversion for our transfer case i believe. I'm looking into it, if they do, thus will be one if my first mods.

240impala 06-18-2013 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by HEMIjeep360
You probably have the same set up as me, minus the engine.

Dana 20 transfer case, T18a transmission. They make a twin stick conversion for our transfer case i believe. I'm looking into it, if they do, thus will be one if my first mods.

They do make a twin stick its around a 120 bucks If you take the detent out you are able to run two wheel front low

wendell 06-23-2013 12:49 PM

"Pretty", kudo's on the 4 speed.

cj10beck 06-24-2013 12:10 PM

Your transmission is a T18 4 speed and first gear should be a granny gear. the transfer case is a Dana 20 and if im right, your drive shaft for the front should go down the passenger side of the vehicle. can you send me a picture of the clutch/brake pedal assembly? i converted my 1980 j10 over to a manual and i need a clutch/brake pedal but dont know what to look for.

240impala 06-24-2013 11:19 PM

T18s are great transmissions very tough and d20 are also great that's the same set up I'm running right now in my 79 j10 with a 4.2

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