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ZJ_flexxxer 03-27-2012 08:45 PM

ZJ_flexxxer's manche build
well i got me a mance!! i've wanted one of these little beasts for a long time now and i finally got one. i found it on craigslist for $1300, called the guy up, and finally went to test drive it tonight. i looked it over good, hardly any rust, needs some exhaust work and i think a brake light switch. me and a friend bull****ted around a little and kicked some tires and finally got the guy down to $1000 and i drove it home.

it's now sitting out front and i'm tickled pink. i can't wait to turn some wrenches on this thing.

for now i just wanna fix the exhaust and brake lights. any other little minor issues i find. i don't like the idea of not having a temp gauge(which didn't come factory)so i might throw that on there.

eventually i want to swap the front clip to a 97+ xj fenders/grill and if possible i wanna swap to newer tail lights as well. in time i also wanna make it 4wd, i'm gonna save my lp30 out of my zj to throw in it since it's free and i don't plan on wheeling this thing, i just want 4wd for snow and any other time i might possibly need it.

overall i'm just happy to own it and drive it for now. in time i'll slowly customize it to be mine. i'll try to get some better pics tomorrow

ZJ_flexxxer 04-04-2012 05:07 PM

got a few things accomplished on my manche. went to the JY and to my surprise actually found 3 comanches. i found a bench seat in good shape so i snatched it since mine was shredded all to pieces and i was almost sitting in the floor when driving it.


then grabbed a back bumper to replace my bent and abused excuse for a rear bumper


new bumper wire wheeled, 1 coat of truck bed liner, 1 coat of gloss black


also grabbed a woodgrain dash panel out of an xj. as soon as i seen it i just had to have it

and one of my favorite chores on the list was getting some new exhaust pipe welded in. believe me when i say this thing was LOUD the night i brought it home. now she purrs like a kitten, all except for my squealing belt. the pulley on my p/s pump is nicked up for some reason and causing the belt to squeal.

new exhaust

ZJ_flexxxer 04-18-2012 07:16 PM

a little update on the mj since last time i was on here

i swapped to an old steering wheel i had saved from my old xj

i got a headliner from a junkyard and re-covered it in camo material

and i picked up a set of xj wheels and swapped my tires on them(old wheels are for sale by the way)

and today i found an xj rearend to throw in it so it'll be spring over axle and give me a few inches of lift

jhay80 04-19-2012 06:08 PM

Lookin good.

ZJ_flexxxer 04-29-2012 03:35 PM

so i found some 97+ doors from a part out on craigslist as well as a driver side front fender. now all i need is a passenger side fender and header panel/grill/etc.

so i went to the JY to get my door strikers for the new doors and also scored a nice set of shocks for $25

only got the passenger door on so far.

i had picked up a mint condition pair of tail lights a week or 2 ago from a JY. i used a little headlight restore on them and swapped them on there.

i also swapped on my new shocks. i've lifted and changed shocks on a few zj's and xj's and the drivers side front shock is always a PITA. you can get a wrench on the top nut but you have no room to turn it. or you can get a socket on it but cant get a ratchet or extension on the socket, such as the 2 pics below

i feel like an idiot for not thinking of this solution before. but i thought maybe i would post up and save someone else some time and head scratching.

so before going any further just go ahead and pop the vise grips on the top of the shock.

then unbolt your bottom bolts and pull the shock over at an angle. i also used a small piece of pipe to wedge in between the shock and the mount to angle it a little more.

and shazam! 2 small extensions(couldn't find my large one) and a swivel and it comes out of there like cake.

new shocks installed and new bolts

ZJ_flexxxer 07-09-2012 09:40 PM

went to the JY this weekend and picked up a rear sliding window for $25!! grabbed some 3M "window weld" from autozone this afternoon and got it put in. no pics tonight since it got dark on me but i'll try and remember to snap some tomorrow afternoon.

ZJ_flexxxer 07-17-2012 07:00 PM

getting way behind on my updates for this thread. ok so here's the new rear slider window

used sliding window from jy= $25.00
tube of 3M window weld= $22.00
total= $47.00

not too bad in my opinion

ok so here's where this build thread takes a huge turn.

i was driving to work on saturday when all of a sudden POW!

my drive shaft came out doing about 75mph and pretty much destroyed itself. it actually drug the ground long enough to grind the ear down so that it'll never hold a c-clip in again, not to mention broke the bolts off inside the yolk on the pinion.

so after doing some thinking. my rear brakes have barely worked since i bought the truck, i would have to take the whole rearend out anyway when i was going to do the spring over axle lift, and having to fix the yolk on this rearend, eventually brought me to the decision to just ditch the d35 and buy a d44 w/ disc brakes from the jy and do my spring over axle lift all at the same time.

so all that thinking has brought me this much progress so far lol

d35 out!

counted the teeth, i had 3:55's which actually surprised me. i expected this truck to have 4:10's with it being the 2.5 4cyl. my goal is to find a d44 w/ disc brakes and 3:73's

and i've had these for a while but never updated, i think they'll go good with my spring over axle lift in the rear. 6.5" xj springs and CA's i bought off my local craigslist for $150

and finally i have a few questions for you guys that hopefully someone here can answer for me

what is this silly looking thing??? it had a small rod connecting it to another bracket on the unibody

and also i'm looking for a cheap solution for the front track bar when i lift this thing?? any suggestions???keep in mind, i drive this truck on the street mostly and i never plan on wheeling it. might occasionally go through a field to go hunting,etc but nothing even remotely abusive.

97_4popper 07-18-2012 08:49 AM

I believe that connects to the proportioning valve for the rear brakes.

Nice build so far.

You should head on over to

All you want to know about these trucks over there.


ZJ_flexxxer 07-18-2012 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by 97_4popper (Post 13884481)
I believe that connects to the proportioning valve for the rear brakes.

Nice build so far.

You should head on over to

All you want to know about these trucks over there.


thanks. thats odd though i didn't see anything connecting it to the braking system. i'll take a closer look again today after work.

you can also find me on under the same user name as here.

97_4popper 07-18-2012 12:45 PM

I am Dadinator over there.

I also noticed you're in Louisville.

I'm in the same area. SW of Louisville in Meade County. Originally from New Albany across the river.
Small world.
I see the 502offroad link in your sig. I'll be checking that out.

Anyway, keep up the good work.
Check out my build when you get time...

ZJ_flexxxer 07-18-2012 03:33 PM

That's not too far from me. I'm in south Louisville off Dixie hwy. yea definitely check out my website, it's a local forum for any offload enthusiasts in the area. I've been trying to grow it for some time now. I'll have to check out your build when I'm actually on the computer and can see something lol, this phone screen just doesn't cut it sometimes

ZJ_flexxxer 07-21-2012 05:04 PM

went to harbor freight friday with a coupon and picked this little badboy up for $90. it'll run a sawzall or grinder like a charm.

then went to the JY today and thanks to my new generator i had a dana 44 w/ disc brakes on the ground in minutes. brought it home and started cutting the zj brackets off and getting it ready to weld the leaf spring brackets on. got all of them cut off except for one and was getting hungry and running out of energy so i called it a day.

i can't wait to get this thing put in and see how it looks with the spring over axle. unfortunately it'll have to wait about a week before i make any progress since i'm having to house sit for someone while there on vacation.

ZJ_flexxxer 07-23-2012 05:03 PM

lol i know i said it would be a week before any progress or updates but i got done early at work today and came by the house today for a little bit to work on it before going to house sit(i'm addicted, i can't go a day without showing one of the jeeps some attention :ballchain:). so i finished cutting the last bracket off then started grinding the remaining metal off the axle tubes. i got one side finished and started on the the other

here's the clean side

and i also left a portion of the old coil spring brackets so i would still have these mounts for the brake lines

ZJ_flexxxer 07-25-2012 03:59 PM

stopped by my house for a bit again today before going to house sit. i cleaned the axle up a little more today, getting really close but still not quite done.

and...the brown santa came to visit me today. got my leaf spring perches from quadratec. i did a little test fitting with them and it looks like they should work perfect

jakesjeepmj1988 07-28-2012 10:21 AM

Looking good man cant wait to see how the lift turns out i also have a spring over in the rear but am running 4.5 inch coils and 1.5 inch coils spacers and i think i need 6.5 inch coils cuz it looks like a hot rod nose down and rear up

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