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Originally Posted by Manche87 View Post
So I was looking at an 86 metric ton package Comanche the other day. I know this because it had the AMC 20 axle rear. Only problem is idk what engine it had since it was locked. Would an 86 have the 4.0 or was it only the 2.8 then? Thanks!

- also is it safe to assume 4.10 gears as well?

- also it was an automatic on the tree
2.8 or 2.5 in 86 87 was the first year for the 4.0 in cherokee/comanche

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I know this is old, and haven't read EVERY post. But what length rear drive shaft is needed for a AW4/231 LWB? My 87 was originally a 2.5/ax5, so the drive shaft I have is WAY too long. Thanks.
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Is there any way you can put the differences on the trim levels?
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Generally it's a label and maybe interior. Minimal difference unless it's 4 cyl vs 6 cyl.

"Usually found in a Jeep near Reiter, WA"

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Originally Posted by MeTmKnice View Post
I know this is old, and haven't read EVERY post. But what length rear drive shaft is needed for a AW4/231 LWB? My 87 was originally a 2.5/ax5, so the drive shaft I have is WAY too long. Thanks.
Old stuff but it may help someone:

'91 MJ with some mods
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So much mis-information that this maybe should not be pinned as the first post. Just to start:

Originally Posted by Country Jeep View Post
Well, I just now finished up making the stock specs, hope everything is in order.

Common Design

All MJs were built as a full unibody design with the body and frame rails tied/welded together as one piece and cannot be removed, however, the rear is a fully boxed frame with the bed bolted to it, making the bed removable. All MJs have solid axles front and rear. The suspension consists of coils for the front and leaf springs for the rear. All MJs came with disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear.

Also, all MJ's through all years are equipped with a height sensing proportioning valve that is used to change the bias of the brakes if the bed had a load in it.

For those curious to the differences in Cherokee's and Comanche's:

The taillight lenses are different from a Cherokee's, the wheel flares are the same (as a 2dr Cherokee), the front doors off of 4-door XJ's (84-92 at least) are swappable, hoods (FENDERS<HEADER PANELS< BUMPERS) are swappable from 84-92 models Cherokee's (Cherokee's above 92 used spring-loaded hinges), and all mechanical/electronic parts forward of the firewall ARE identical.


The body comes only in standard cab model with a rear double-top hatch tailgate. Comes in longbed or shortbeds two-tone (Two-tone? WTH? Some had different color flares and stripe kits...) versions. Long bed versions come with a larger gas tank than the short bed and is located front of the axle. Short bed version was not avaiable in 1986.

Interior: Door panels are removable as stock. Bench seats and bucket seats DO NOT have the same mounting brackets as XJ seats. Gauge cluster is removed by 4 screws. Gauge cluster during 86' have mechanical-powered gauges. On 87-90 gauges, The speedometer uses a cable, but all gauges 91-92 use a computer cable.


short bed 2wd=113.1 4wd=112.9 (18 gal tank)
long bed 2wd=119.6 4wd=119.4 (16 gal [longbed, opt shortbed] 23.5 gal [opt longbed; standard from 1989])


2.5L I4 TBI (fuel injected) - 117 hp @ 5000 rpm, 135 ftlb @ 3500 rpm - used in 86 and updated in 87-90 to 121hp (2.5L became MPI in 91 and was rated for 130hp @ 5250 and 149 ftlb @ 3250) ---
GM 2.8L V6 - 115 hp @ 4800 rpm, 145 ft lb @ 2400 rpm - used only in 86

Italian VM 2.8L Turbo Diesel - 140 hp, 236 ft lb torque - used in overseas MJs
The export MJ did not use a 2.8L VM Motori inline four. In fact export Cherokees from 1997 through 2007, including the export KJ Cherokee, still used the 2.5L VM Motori. The 2.8 Diesel was a design for the American market an was only used in about 3 years of the KJ here. It looks like all of the export diesel MJ's were Renault ( who had been the controlling interest in Jeep before Chrysler) powered, not Fiat/VM Motori. Perhaps he confused the early GM 2.8 gas V6 due to having the same displacement.

2.1L 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel - 85 hp, 132 ft lb torque.

4.0L I6 EFI "Power Tech" - 177 hp @ 4750 rpm, 220 ft lb @ 4000 rpm - used 87-90
4.0L I6 MPI "Power Tech HO" (High Output) - 190 hp @ 4750 rpm, 220 ft lb @ 4,000 rpm - used in 91-92


Manual Transmissions
AX4 - 4 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin - used 86-92 with 2.5L I4 and 2.8L V6 engines and 2.8L turbo-diesels
T4 & T5 - 4 & 5 speed manual - manufactured by Borg Warner - used only in 86 with 2.5L I4 and 2.8L V6 engines
BA10/5 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Peugeot - used only up to 89
AX5 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin - used with 2.8L V6 and 87+ with 2.5L I4
AX15 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin - used with 4.0L I6 engines

Automatic Transmissions
Torqueflight 904 - 3 speed automatic - used only in 86 with 2.8L V6 and 2.5L I4 engines and 2.8L turbo-diesels
AW4 - 4 speed automatic, electronically controlled - manufactured by Aisin-Warner..a joint venture between Toyota and Ford - used from 87-92 (87-92 models include a Power/Comfort button that adjusts the shift points, also known as a towing package; all transmissions came with the towing package and came with a transmission cooler; 88+ models used Power/Comfort switch for off-roading)
The power/comfort switch had nothing to do with a "tow package" or "off-road" package or whatever

Pete M implied information about this that might override anything written above, where his information is correct. It was too hard for me to take his info and add it in, atleast for now...

Transfer Cases

The transfer cases used are all chain driven with aluminum housings. NP stands for "New Process" which is the brand, if you will.
NP207 - "Command-Trac" part-time only - 2.61:1 ratio low range - used 86
NP231 - "Command-Trac" part-time only - 2.72:1 ratio low range - shift pattern 2H - 4H - N - 4L - used 87-92
NP228 - "Select-Trac" part-time OR full-time - 2.6:1 ratio low range - used 86
NP242 - "Selec-Trac" part-time OR full-time - 2.72:1 ratio low range - shift pattern 2wd - 4part-time - 4full-time - N - 4LO - used 87-92
No AWD/SelecTrac transfer cases such as the 242 were ever offered in the MJ line. They were all CommandTrac part-time units.

Front Driveshaft - On 86-87 MJs (NP207 t-case) the front shaft is a "GKN" style shaft. On 87-92 MJs (NP231/242 t-case) the front is a "double cardan" two-piece driveshaft with a CV joint at the transfer case end.

Rear Driveshaft - The rear is a one-piece shaft with standard u-joints at both ends. The slip yoke is located on the output shaft of the transfer case. On 86-92 models, the yoke slides in and out of the transfer case and is lubricated by the ATF fluid internally.
Nope: the rear 2wd is a two-piece inner and outer design which is much different that the 4wd rear shaft. It includes a rubber isolator between the inner and outer tubes and is roughly twice the diameter of the 4wd rear shaft

This information might override what's written on the rear-driveshaft, but has no method of being added in as 'stock'


Front Axles

Dana 30 high pinion - reverse cut - 27 spline, 1.16" diameter shafts, 7.13" ring gear - used 86-92 (all axles are vacuum disconnect, and have 5-260x u-joints)

Rear Axles

AMC-20 - 29 Spline, one piece axle shafts, 8.875" Ring Gear; Metric Tonne axle in 86.
Dana 35 non c-clip - 27 spline, 1.18" diameter shafts, 7.58" ring gear, 2.62" axle tube - used 86-89
Dana 35 c-clip - 27 spline, 1.18" diameter shafts, 7.58" ring gear, 2.62" axle tube - used 89-92
Dana 44 non c-clip - 30 spline, 1.31" diameter shafts, 8.5" ring gear, 2.75" axle tube - used 87-89 on some(not all) MJs equipped with towing package.
(note for D44's: All MJ's equipped with the stock D44 come with the Metric Ton Package
All D44 equipped MJ's were not metric ton. Metric/Big ton was only available in the long beds. The tow package got you the D44 on either wheel base but not the all-around heavier duty metric ton suspension. It was a stand alone option not part of the metric ton

In 1988 & 1991 the towing package did not need to include the power/comfort switch as that was standard on all of the AW4's. In both years the towing package included the tranny cooler, heavy duty cooling ( whatever that means but my '88 had the aux. fan without A/C so that is probably it) and a D44 rear axle. It would be a decent guess that this is the same for all years but '86. The towing package required the 4.0/AW4 & they used the standard 3.55 gears not 3.73's. I had this package on my '88 and I confirmed it with the owner's manuals from both my '88 & my '91

All rear axles are made of a spring under axle design.


3.07 - used with 4.0L engine / manual transmission
3.31 - used with 2.5L Fuel Miser option
3.55 - used with 4.0L engine / automatic transmission
4.10 - used with 2.5L engine usually
4.56 - rare but can be found on some older (~ 89 ~) models with 2.5L engine and auto transmission

Cooling Systems

Open style - any normal cooling system used today. Opposite of closed style described below.

Closed style - has no radiator cap and utilizes a pressure bottle. This style cooling system was used in 87-90 MJs.


No airbags during Comanche timeline.

Trim Levels

86 - Custom, X, XLS
87 - Base, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, SporTruck
88 - Base, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, Eliminator, SporTruck
89 - Base, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, Eliminator, SporTruck
90 - Base, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, Eliminator, SporTruck
91 - Base, Laredo, Eliminator, SporTruck
92 - Base, Laredo, Eliminator, SporTruck

Production Numbers

MJ (4x4 only)

1986 23,251/xxxxx
1987 6,199/6,685
1988 6,895/9,167
1989 5,354/5,021
1990 3,283/2,129
1991 5,188 (TOTAL)
1992 3,142 (TOTAL)

A little info on dimensions:

This is a edited copy of the XJ stock specs. If anything here is incorrect or if you would like to add the dimensions and production numbers, please post info

The OTHER notes section!!!

Special thanks to: cj7xjmj, Pete M, krodeMJ, MJDriver, Drahcir495, Guumba, 1986Comanche, and Snowplow.
I was excited when I saw this sticky but not after I read the post that is supposed to be the specs.

'91 MJ with some mods
'15 JKU Freedom Edition 2" lift
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Originally Posted by 937Comanche View Post
So much mis-information that this maybe should not be pinned as the first post. Just to start:


I was excited when I saw this sticky but not after I read the post that is supposed to be the specs.
*yaawwnnss after long absence*... Well, tough luck! I was 14 when my post got stickied, so I don't exactly do maintenance on it anymore. Might be best that a mod swap it out with someone else who'll do more maintenance, as I'll probably be offline again for another few years. If that does take place, feel free to copy and paste from my thread; free use 'n all that jazz.

Some of these revisions were actually already mentioned by Pete M previously, but I had done a horribly poor job of implementing them. So, official revisions posted. Thanks for the added input.

Main rig under screen-name...

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