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rustybottoms 02-07-2005 10:37 PM

Floor console upgrade?
You guys think it's possible to take my mini console (looks like this

) outta my mj and put in one of those full center consoles (like this

) like the ones they have in the xj's. It would provide me with more storage space (since I can't even fit a jar of mayonaise in my glove box) Also I could have cup holders like every car should have. I think the floor topography would match so the larger console should butt up against my floor without gaps right? Anyone who's got an mj and an xj would know better than I. The only problem I think I would have would be changing over my parking brake pedal to the center mounted handle. Is that do-able. If so, advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for any help yall can give.

mdfowler 02-08-2005 12:01 PM

The first question i would ask, and i assume it to be true... You have bucket seats?

My mj has a bench seat, or i would probably have already done what you are speaking of.

I'm not real sure about the back of the console, i would assume it to fit right in.
I have a grey one in my 89 parts cherokee that i could measure for you, or perhaps sell... :thumbsup:

I wouldn't worry about the E-brake, i'd leave it alone and deal with the little opening in your console.

rustybottoms 02-08-2005 12:46 PM

whoops, yeah md I do have bucket seats. Also, I'm actually looking into buying the one from ebay, since I already have the camel interior. And, the thing about the parking brake is that it doesn't work anyway, so I'd have to get a new one regardless. And since the brake line goes from the driverside pedal to the rear middle of the cab, I would think putting a hand brake in would be a cinch. Just get a shorter cable and attach it to the handle mechanism.

Also why's it called an E-brake? What's the "E" stand for?

And thanks for the reply.

1986Comanche 02-08-2005 01:18 PM

rustybottoms, the E stands for emergency. A lot of people just call it an E-brake, but its called an emergency brake I guess in case of an emergency like if you lose your brakes atleast you'd have something to stop you or slow you down.

Country Jeep 02-08-2005 01:30 PM

My e-brake don't work................... :confused:

Comanche5L 02-08-2005 06:59 PM

yeah the full console out of the XJ is pretty much a drop in, youll have to modify the front of it a little bit where it meets the heater in your MJ and cut a little away (i used a torch and a box-cutter knife.

looks great when your done, finishes it off nicely. heres mine:

rustybottoms 02-08-2005 07:10 PM

wait a minute... you had to cut the console down so it would fit under the heater? Does that mean you don't have the extra bin near the front of the cab, just past the shifter? Could you post a pic of where you cut and it looks like you don't have the hand brake. did you keep the pedal and do you know how to change it over to a hand brake? Thanks.

Comanche5L 02-08-2005 08:15 PM

i wont be able to post another pic until tomorrow but yes the MJ heater sticks out a little further than in the XJ's so you need to trim ~ 1" off the front, youll see what i mean when i put the pics up. you still keep all the bins that are with the original console, it doesnt effect anything. and no i kept the foot e-brake the way it is, there was way too much work to switch it over and for no reason really.

rustybottoms 02-08-2005 09:26 PM

Awesome 5L, can't wait to hear from you tomorrow. Thanks.

ps. what's the 5L stand for (5 litre?!)

cj7xjmj 02-08-2005 10:03 PM

The XJ's e-brake mounts to the floor and is removable. I guess if you wanted you could mount it on the floor of an mj. The reason why I didnt mount a Xj console in my truck yet is a cj7 console fits nicely, and gives just as much room. Also if you use an xj console make sure you get all the mounting brackets.


Comanche5L 02-09-2005 11:00 AM

OK, the first pic is where you can see what you have to cut off, just take a little bit at a time, you only have one chance at it if you take too much.

these two are just of the console installed, you can see where the XJ hand brake would go, and it doesnt look out of place or anything with it not there. you can actually buy the cup holders that screw into that area which i plan on getting so it will be even less noticeable. excuse the mess!

in the rear of the console, there is brackets coming from the XJ floor that you screw it into, i dont have anything back there right now, and with the mounting points around the shifter it seems to be plenty to hold it in. maybe later i will add brackets when i get some time. but besides those there is no other brackets to worry about, it uses the same holes around the shifter as your little console you have right now.

any other questions just ask!

and yes the 5L is a 5.0 out of a mustang

krodeMJ 02-09-2005 02:36 PM

Does anyone have any suggestions for what console I'd want to use in my 88 MJ 2WD? Obviously the main difference would be no need for the transfer shifter. This of course depends on me finding some suitable bucket seats...

rustybottoms 02-09-2005 05:55 PM

You Rock 5L!!

Thanks for the pics they were very helpful. I bought the camel console off ebay last night in a bit of a frenzy. They said they had one left and I was afraid someone would snatch it up before I could. And, I didn't get a chance to ask whether or not it came with the brackets in the back. I'll probably fab some as I am somewhat familiar with welding. Also I've already got the cup holders, but they are the side mounting ones. (Though your idea of the center cup holders covering the e-brake handle is fantastic.) That is one of the reasons I wanted to mount a hand brake, because I didn't want the wasted space. I went to the junk yard today and picked one up (handle, bolts and cables) for $35 bucks. Next I have to cut into the floor which I just finished welding anew after discovering a horribly rusted out bottom, so I can mount the handle. I'll keep you all posted as to the procedure and my results. Maybe by then I'll be able to post pics.

And, Krode, I say go for it. It's an awesome little project that will provide you with more storage space and some cup holders! But, seriously consider the lack of a bench seat before changing over. When you're driving in the car it makes your baby seem so far - stickshifts and safety belts by Cake, good song.

Also Krode, they make consoles without the 4X4 bezel in it. If you run 4X2 it will have a small indented area like storage for change or something so just find one of those and you're golden.

JEEPZZ 02-09-2005 08:52 PM

Hey there's an MJ forum now! :D
Anyways I was just taking a peek in here from the XJ board.
Here's an idea with the newer style console from a 97+ XJ.

If your MJ is a 2wd, there is a plastic snap in tray that replaces the spot for the 4wd shiftgate. I'd post a pic of it but I don't have it hosted.
Good luck! :thumbsup:

bockwho 02-10-2005 01:52 PM

my old mj had one but I think the 97+ would be a cool choice too its a little more user friendly the old style ebrake area had a close out panel b./c my mj had a foot ebrake.

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