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luvmyglock 04-21-2013 10:36 AM

B-Pillar Voltage Issues!!
So I am wiring in some LEDs near my pillars. I have never had b-pillar lights, so I thought I would use the wiring for them to install some LEDs. I replaced the door plunger switch that was broken and cleaned the other one up. Afterwards, I went and checked the voltage at the light end of the wire and found out that I am getting 7.5-8v constant. The issue here is that I am getting 12v in the morning or when it has been sitting for a while...The battery is good, and the truck is a daily driver with no battery or voltage issues. What would cause such a dramatic voltage fluctuation in this wire? Power is NOT intermittent, it's just a solid 8v after it's been on for a minute...but I can shut the doors, leave it, and come back in eight hours and get 12v...what's going on here?!?! :confused::confused::confused:

Avionic1JN 05-26-2013 12:50 PM

Resistance increases with heat. I'd look into any heat sources nearby (or maybe even the sun). You could try replacing the wire too. LEDs run at .8 to 1.5 V so as long as you wire them in parallel, there should be no problems with your 8v supply.

The time now is 06:54 AM.

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