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Nick_Knipp 04-11-2013 09:20 AM

'86 MJ temp switch
lately my temp warning indicator has been lit the whole time i bought the truck. Ive been trying to search for ways to fix it. the previous owner put in an aftermarket mechanical temp gauge, and he never got that to work either.

so ive got no real warning that the engines gonna be hot.

ive noticed the light comes on when the circut is closed, but the sensor seems to be open on the cylinder head.

any suggestions?

ratmonkey 04-11-2013 02:46 PM

you've been posting a lot in this section. your questions aren't advanced, if you have mj questions, the mj tech forum is the place to be.
i'll move this for you.

Nick_Knipp 04-11-2013 03:06 PM

If electronics isn't advanced i guess I'll just quit this forum til i get a regular Jeep again. For now im sticking to

Thanks for the help

ratmonkey 04-11-2013 08:21 PM

the advanced tech is for significant non-bolt on modifications. like v8 swaps, 1 ton axles, frame stretches, and custom suspension.
the model specific forums are for general technical issues. like electrical gauge sending unit problems.
there is also a specific electronics section for aftermarket electronics goods.

The time now is 08:55 PM.

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