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DTS 03-16-2012 11:36 AM

Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flares in Steel or Aluminum

The Jeep JK's front fenders and flares are one of the most vulnerable body components when traversing the trail. The Poison Spyder JK Front Crusher Flare™ kit improves both the aesthetics and durability of your Jeep during your off road adventures. Crusher Flares™ provide tire coverage similar to the factory flares, with the added advantage of a better approach angle and outer tire clearance. Crusher Flares™ are available for both front and rear of -door and 4-door JK's, and each kit comes as a pair that fits both the two and four door models.

Crusher Flares™ are available in either steel or aluminum. Steel Crusher Flares™ are made of 1.5" X .120 wall DOM tubing, with a 1/8" steel top plate and 3/16" steel mounting plate. Aluminum Crusher Flares™ are constructed from 1.5" X .188" wall annealed aluminum structural tubing in combination with 1/8" and 3/16" aircraft grade aluminum plate. Not sure whether to choose steel or aluminum for your Crusher Flares™? Aluminum is lighter in weight, so might be the best choice for those looking to save weight on their heavy JK's in order to improve fuel mileage and gain an advantage off-road. However, when wheeling with aluminum flares it is up to the driver to use more care and finesse, as the aluminum components are not going to be able to withstand the same direct impacts that steel can. The thicker tube wall thickness of the aluminum version recoups some of the strength lost by going to aluminum, however the steel versions will still be stronger in a direct impact with the rocks. For reference, a steel JK Front Crusher Flare™ weighs 31.6 lbs (not including hardware), while an aluminum one weighs only 11.8 lbs. Which is best for you will depend on your particular intended use of the Jeep, driving style and other factors.

The Crusher Flare™ kit utilizes stainless countersunk hardware to secure to the Jeep's outer skin and steel heavy duty internal brackets that are coupled to the sub-frame. Poison Spyder's exclusive supporting sub-frame brackets give the Crusher Flare™ a solid platform and transfer impact load away from the outer sheet metal body. No other aftermarket metal flare comes with such robust internal bracketry--most come with none at all! When shopping for metal flares for your JK, be sure to determine whether the product you are looking at includes such internal strengthening brackets. If the flare merely bolts to the exterior sheetmetal of the Jeep with no additional internal bracing, it can damage your Jeep even more if it sustains an impact on the trail! Additionally the JK Front Crusher Flare™ Kit comes with a pair of rubber gaskets that isolates the fender from direct contact with the Jeep paint and body.

Poison Spyder JK Front Crusher Flares™ retain the factory wheel well liner to protect the engine from trail and road debris (you'll need to trim the liner to re-install). Furthermore the reinforced sub-frame brackets are hidden to complete a clean and finished appearance. The JK Front Crusher Flare™ kit comes standard with mounting provisions to replace the factory side marker with an updated LED marker light (sold separately). The addition of the LED provides a more modern and refined look that complements the function and style of the Crusher Flare. LED lamps and electronic flashers must be purchased separately.

Click Here for Steel Front Crusher Flares™

Click Here for Steel Rear Crusher Flares™
Click Here for Aluminum Front Crusher Flares™
Click Here for Aluminum Rear Crusher Flares™
Click Here for LED Marker Lamps

All Crusher Flares ship as un-coated bare steel or aluminum.

DTS 03-16-2012 11:38 AM

Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flares have been run at King of the Hammers the last two years :D

On our own JKOH in the 2011 race:

And on this nice entry in the Stock class of the 2012 KOH Every Man Challenge:

DTS 03-16-2012 11:39 AM

Here's an interesting look at the packaging that Anthony and his crew in the shipping department do. Here they're packing up a set of JK Crusher Flares.

We use a heavy duty double wall custom box. First the plastic liner goes in, then a shot of foam-in-place expanding foam...

Gotta get the parts set into place before the foam expands too far, so it can conform up and around the parts...

Add some extra bubble wrap to protect corners and where parts nest together...

More plastic film and foam on each end...

You gotta work quick with this stuff!

A shot of foam at either end locks the parts into place...

Gotta get the lid on quickly so the foam can expand and conform to the inside of the box...

Apply a little weight so the foam doesn't blow the lid off...

All done and added to the stack, ready to ship out!

DTS 04-10-2012 10:32 AM

Carlos Sanchez sent us this nice pic of his 4-door at the beach, sporting our Crusher Flares and other Poison Spyder gear. Thanks for the pic Carlos!

DTS 05-09-2012 12:02 PM

Here's another cool two-tone paint job on the JK Crusher Flares. Thanks to Matthew Parga-Manasse for the photos!

DTS 05-30-2012 02:46 PM

Today in the shop: Joe cranking out another big pile of JK Crusher Flare inner braces (these specific pieces are for the rear Crusher Flares). These are one of the reasons Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flares are true ARMOR, not just bolt-on flares. Both front and rear sets come with inner braces that bolt in between your Jeep's flimsy outer sheetmetal and the sturdy, heavy guage inner structure. Leaning a Jeep over in soft sand might not damage anything, but when you lay it into the hard granite of a canyon wall, you'll be happy your Poison Spyder flares aren't just bolted to the flimsy outer sheetmetal.

DTS 06-20-2012 12:12 PM

Here are a couple shots of some Rear Crusher Flares we just installed on a project vehicle here at the shop. I've included a couple details shots of the inner braces that we provide to tie the Crusher Flares in to the heavier gauge material of the inner tub of the Jeep.

DTS 09-26-2013 03:08 PM

Here's a comparison shot that shows the three different widths of Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flares side-by-side. From left to right: Narrow, Standard, and Wide. As of this writing the Wides are not yet available, but should be in production within a few weeks.

And a few installed photos of the three variants. First the Front Narrows (Approx. 6" wide, available in Steel or Aluminum). Note that these are designed to be run with either no rear flare or with the Standard width rear flare. the Front Standards (approximately 9" wide, similar to width of the stock plastic flares, available in Steel or Aluminum):

...and lastly the Front Wides (approximately 11" wide, or 2" wider than stock and our Standard Widths, will be available in Steel or Aluminum). Sorry the JKOH, our test mule for these, doesn't give the best representation of tire coverage on a normally equipped Jeep, as it has full width axles:

There will also be a companion Rear Wide Crusher Flare to go with the Front Wides:

Stay tuned for the inaugural episode of "Spyder U", our in-depth educational series. The first episode will be all about JK flare options, from stock to aftermarket, features and bennies, etc., and of course they will present a lot of info about our flares. It will be coming to our YouTube channel very soon, and we'll also post a link to it here.

The time now is 10:51 PM.

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