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Baseline 4x4 07-25-2013 10:53 AM

Jeep JK Wrangler NEW Heat Reducing Performance Vented Hood. Lots of Pictures!!!
Rugged Ridge Performance Vented Hood, 2007-2013 Jeep JK Wrangler

Remove the heat and maximize your engine performance with the new Performance Vented Hood from Rugged Ridge. Made of stamped steel and a factory inner core, this hood fits like the original yet allows more heat to escape from the engine compartment than other hoods on the market today. The SRTŪ inspired design gives a great aggressive look. Vents are removable to make it easier to paint. Uses factory attachment points and most aftermarket accessories will simply bolt into place. Got Heat? You need this hood.

*Stamped steel construction for factory like quality and no heat deformity.
*50% more ventilation surface area than other aftermarket hoods.
*E-coated to prevent rust, and ready to paint.
*Uses existing factory attachment points, so no drilling required.

Factory Color Matching is available!
Amp'd PYC 17759.PYC
Anvil PDS 17759.PDS
Billet Silver Metallic PSC 17759.PSC
Black PX8 17759.PX8
Black Forrest Green Pearl PGZ 17759.PGZ
Bright Silver Metallic PS2 17759.PS2
Bright White PW7 17759.PW7
Bronze Star Pearl PUK 17759.PUK
Commando Green PGH 17759.PGH
Copperhead Pearl PLB 17759.PLB
Cosmos Blue PB4 17759.PB4
Crush PL4 17759.PL4
Dark Charcoal Pearl PAV 17759.PAV
Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl PRP 17759.PRP
Deep Molten Red Pearl PR8 17759.PR8
Deep Water Blue Pearl PBS 17759.PBS
Detonator Yellow PYB 17759.PYB
Dozer PY5 17759.PY5
Dune PTT 17759.PTT
Color Name Paint Code Omix #
Flame Red PR4 17759.PR4
Gecko PFM 17759.PFM
Granite Crystal PAU 17759.PAU
Hydro Blue PBJ 17759.PBJ
Jeep Green Metallic PGJ 17759.PGJ
Light Graystone Pearl PDA 17759.PDA
Mango Tango Pearl PVG 17759.PVG
Natural Green Pearl PGN 17759.PGN
Red Rock Crystal Pearl PEM 17759.PEM
Rescue Green Metallic PJR 17759.PJR
Rock Lobster PKT 17759.PKT
Rugged Brown Pearl PTW 17759.PTW
Sahara Tan PFD 17759.PFD
Steel Blue Metallic PBM 17759.PBM
Stone White PW1 17759.PW1
Sunburst Orange Pearl PV6 17759.PV6
Surf Blue Pearl PQD 17759.PQD
True Blue PBU 17759.PBU
Winter Chill Pearl PBA 17759.PBA

This is a pre-production sample - hoods will be in inventory in September, 2013.


Baseline 4x4 08-14-2013 07:20 PM

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