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Swagoffroad 08-24-2012 09:35 AM

HF Tubing Roller Electric Drive / Bottle Jack Kit @ Swag Off Road
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This kit uses the Harbor freight electric pipe threader and the Harbor Freight 4 ton bottle jack, however it can be broken up if you are looking to use just the bottle jack or the electric pipe threader attachments by it self.

You will notice in the pictures above that we also have our weld on wings kit which can be purchased HERE. The wings are highly recommended in conjunction electric drive / bottle jack kit for one reason. We have modified the tubing roller far beyond it's original design intent and the weld on wings reduce the amount of stress on the center drive axle, bearings and roller dies, it also reduces premature wear on the electric pipe threader.

We know what you are many Chinese parts can you attach to this tubing roller, rest assured the pipe threader is a true work horse, it is rated at 2.15 HP motor more than enough power to easily swing a 200 lb man in circles if desired. We have tried to kill the pipe threader by rolling a 20' piece of 1.75" .120 wall DOM material down to a 24" dia circle. in less than a got hot, but still works as good as the day we pulled it out of the box.

All material is laser cut out of 1/4" steel, springs, bottle jack clamp and detailed color instructions are provided.

The HF 4 Ton Bottle Jack can be purchased for ~ $18
The HF Pipe Threader can be purchased for ~ $135

Lets do the math, your HF tubing roller $150, our electric drive kit $65, a HF 4 ton bottle jack $18, and a HF pipe threader $130, total cost = $362. For the total cost of ~ $362 you have an electrically driven tubing roller that comes with comes with 3 die sizes 1.0" 1.5" and 2.0" round tube dies. Hydraulic applied down pressure. No other kit on the market even comes close at even 3X the cost. In addition we sell 24 different size dies all designed to fit the HF tubing roller shown HERE.

Harbor Freight Tubing Roller Electric Drive & Bottle Jack Kit @ swagoffroad com - YouTube

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Lots of potential here.

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