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New Jeep North/Latitude Owner

I went with the 2.4L 4x4. I love the vehicle but I have a few pet peeves.


The first is that I didn't read the fine print on the headlights. They aren't automatic unless you get the comfort/convenience package. Come on, what is this? 1990? At a medium level trim I expect automatic headlights. I haven't bought a car without this feature being standard since 1992. What a pain in the butt. I would have gone with the comfort/convenience package just for this feature, if it had been identified to me.

Climate Control

For some reason, every time I start the jeep, the climate control resets to max heat. This is pretty annoying.

Satellite / Bluetooth

Both the satellite radio and bluetooth cut out every minute or so, for a second. It doesn't matter if I use my bluetooth playing from my iphone or satellite radio, it intermittently cuts out.

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I am confident enough to know when to turn on my headlights, so that isn't an issue for me.

I believe the climate control on start-up is temperature sensitive and cranks up to defrost windows, etc.

As for the radio, see this post:

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Its not knowing when to use headlights. It's having to remember to turn them off every time I get out of the vehicle. I am used to the beeping for seatbelts or keys in the ignition, etc. Not lights being left on. That is just an inconvenience that doesn't usually exist anymore - especially on trims that aren't the "lowest" level. The same goes for power windows and such. I find it amusing that the vehicle will automatically connect to my iPhone when I start it, and start playing my last song, but I have to manually turn on my headlights.

Thank you for the info on the climate control. I will have to research this aspect. I tried looking into it but couldn't find info. It is not that cold here (maybe 50-55 Fahrenheit), but that might be the case. Unfortunately it doesn't turn down once the vehicle is warm enough to defrost the windows, either. It just stays on max.

Ah, a firmware update - I just assumed that it would have the newest firmware given that I bought the vehicle a day ago. I will try this and see if it fixes the issue.

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