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OSTAP 01-17-2013 09:12 PM

Expedition Trophy in Russia
Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know about the huge offroad racing event in Russia next month - the famous Expedition Trophy. By now its probably too late to try and get there, but check out the project itself and maybe we can join forces next year and send a US team there. It is an annual event, run for already 8 years. It's an on- and off-road race across all of Russia from the most Western part all the way to the Far East, February 28 - March 8, Murmansk to Valdivostok. The teams must have two rigs, min 6 people in a team, and one of the team members has to be a girl : ) The route goes through the most amazing places on Earth including lake Baikal and the Soviet space port, Baikonur, Siberian wilderness etc. More on the race here (check out the video as well):

Its not your typical mud or rock crawling, the rigs have to be prepared to sustain extreme cold conditions and run across the 1000 mile stretches at a time, fully autonomous; there are some special stages where its really hard core but in most instances, good navigation and smart strategy will get you there first.

Looking for teammates for next year! The entrance fee is 6 grand US but they refund it if you make it to the finish line... the biggest cost would be shipping the rigs over and the gas/food while en route. But the cash prize for the win is 100 grand USD and there are about 15 teams competing for it, with normally just a few finishing.

Let me know if anyone is interested so that we bring in the US team to show how its done ; )

The time now is 03:53 AM.

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