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BamaJeepman21 03-06-2013 04:14 PM

Workout Basics/FAQ

Do I need supplements to gain muscle? Not at all. Don't feed into all the adds telling you you need 7 different supplements to gain muscle. Do they help? Certaintly. IMO there are only 3 kinds of supplements you should be taking. 1st is a good protien. Either a gainer or a lean whey high in protein will help build and repair your muscles after a workout. 2nd is a pre workout. I recommend taking a pre workout after spending a couple months in the gym to see how you do. If you feel you need the extra energy to push through your workouts, a pre workout will aid with that. 3rd is creatine monohydrate. There is alot to be said about that below. You can also throw in a multivitamin or fish oil to help with your bodies mineral balance.


Is creatine a steriod? No. Do NOT believe anybody that tries to tell you this. Creatine is simply a natural substance created by the body to aid with energy.

Will creatine make me stronger? Potientally it can. Basically creatine works by drawing water into your muscles and keeping them hydrated. That will give a small strength gain since your muscles aren't dehydrated and more prone to failure.

How should I take creatine? To get your muscles saturated with it, it's often advised to load on it by taking up to 25g a day for a week. After the loading phase you should take 5g (teaspoon) a day. IMO the loading phase is unnecessary and saturation is easily achived by taking 5g a day for two weeks. Creatine will make you thirsty so drinking lots of water is a must!


Nutrition is often one of the most overlooked aspects of fitness. Most people think they can go get yoked in the gym and then hit up McDonalds for 5 BigMacs with no negative consequences. Technically, you could but it wouldn’t achieve the best results. You first need to determine your nutrition program. There are two styles of basic nutrition plans.

Finding your maintanence calories

A bulk is generally regarded as a daily surplus of 250 calories. People new to weightlifting or wanting to gain mass need to bulk. Bulking can be split into 2 categories, a “clean bulk” or a “dirty bulk”. A clean bulk is a caloric surplus of up to around 800 calories. A dirty bulk is anything above 800. To support lean muscle gain with minimal fat gains, a clean bulk is the best idea. When you first start working out, you will notice "noob" gains almost immediatly. After awhile you'll see the gains slow down. This is when you've reached a plataue. Don't get discouraged since you aren't seeing immediate results. Just power through it and eat more.

Food sources for a bulk can usually be just about anything. I prefer to eat a normal days worth of food but at the end of my workout, drink some sort of protein shake. Protein shakes can be expensive so there are multiple alternatives of homemade ones.

Once you’ve met your bulking needs and gotten to the size you want, now is the time to cut and show off all that hard work. With a cut you want to have a calorie deficit of -200 calories. You don’t want to do much more than that to minimize lean muscle loss. Remember, a cut takes time and patience. You do not want to try and crash cut in 3 weeks. That would be devastating to strength. Cardio is also very beneficial to a cut. It will help with losing calories and toning up your body depending on exercise. When cutting, you want to aim for around 12% body fat or less. With that lean of a body, you can definitely show off those muscles.

Food sources for a cut should be carefully considered. You can go about a normal day, just minimize your meals and try to exclude fatty foods. You also need to increase protein intake to help minimize lean muscle loss.

The bottom line: Before you start a bulk/cut you first need to find your maintenance calories. That is the amount of calories it takes to maintain your current weight. I personally use this calculator

In the gym

What are some common exercises for new lifters?

The most common routines involve free weights. If you are brand new, never been in a gym before lifter, I recommend you use a couple of the machines around to get a feel of where you are strength wise.

Here are some that involve free weights:


Dumbbell curls
Hammer curls
Tricep press
Bent over extensions
Tricep pushdown
One arm tricep extension


The Bench
Dumbbell bench press
Cable flys
Incline bench press


Delt raises
Dumbbell raises
Dumbbell shoulder press
Arnold DB press
DB raise
Machine military press
Side DB raises


The basic pull up
V bar pulldown
Cable lat pulldowns
Wide grip lat pulldown
Bent over rows
T bar row
The Deadlift

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"How long should I wait between exercises?"
"Is it good to workout twice a day?"
"How do I find my maintenence calories?"
"What are some common exercises for new lifters?"

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"What muscles should I do on what days?"

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Originally Posted by HurricaneRZA (Post 15371831)
Exactly the sort of thread I was looking for... Thank you for making this

Thanks for bumping it; I had kinda forgot about this thread. It needs to be a sticky so people can see it and post some useful info to add...


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