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Originally Posted by tyvanwie View Post
It's only 70-30 if you don't train hard enough.
Originally Posted by tyvanwie View Post
4,000 calories of mostly protein? Do you have a general percentage breakdown of your macros? Also, pics?!
The blessing-curse effect of the Internet: everybody has a voice/opinion, which can be a good thing, but it can often complicate the simplest, most commonsensical things.

Brown rice or oatmeal?
Low or high carbs?
How many protein grams?
Calorie counting

All of the above are perhaps debatable, but in my opinion, it's all a waste of time and energy.

I've never counted calories my entire life, but I stay muscular and lean because I've practiced for 10 years now so I have a really good idea as to how much food and exercise I need to stay looking that way.

If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, eat less and/or exercise more. It's really that simple.

If we just kept things simple and basic, there wouldn't be so much confusion. Part of the confusion, I think, is due to the influx of propaganda from the fitness industry. They WANT you to believe that you have to use _________ in order to get results. Your confusion=their money.

"You cannot outtrain a bad diet." --my opinion. Seems very basic and simple to me.

Eat healthy and train consistently.
Exercise more and eat less.

I personally believe that we all know how to do these simple things.

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Nu - yep agree. When you have done it for years, you just begin to know what your are missing in either diet or working out. Ty is studying to be a fitness guru..... He and I have exchanged posts once or twice before..... But he is young and learning, so I tend to give a little latitude.

In regards to my progress of getting it 1 more time, I have a lifting partner as of today. He is about 15 years younger than I am, which is great, he can provide the additional energy I am lacking for now. He is in decent shape and has a fairly decent physique. He and I have talked a couple times before I approached him with the partner question.... I started it off by saying, "Hey Anthony, I am not looking to become the next BMIG anymore. I just need some additional support on some lifts that I would like to see improve". He laughed and said, "what is BMIG"? BIG MAN IN GYM I replied. Then I said it was an acronym from the mid 90's... He and I struck up a conversation that allowed me to share some of my 16 years of lifting experience..... He was more than happy to welcome my proposition of working out together whenever we were in the gym at the same time and working the same body part..... SOOOOOOO> now I can add in something I have been missing. A Partner to push me to get 1 MORE REP!

For all those who don't know, there is a job a lifting partner has. Here it is;

The job of a lifting partner:

It's not my job to tell my partner how many reps to reach,
It's not my job to give encouragement, encouragement I can't teach.

It's not my job to steady the weight, nor even lend a hand,
but let him fail on that 1 last rep, and see who's *** gets slammed!

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Been a while once again. Between my job and injuring my back, I had been out of the gym for almost 6 weeks. I got back in the gym around Thanksgiving. While I had lost some stamina and some strength, it has come back very quickly. The last time I trained with a "homemade" muscle tank top was in 1998. The last few workouts I decided to try it again. While I still have some areas that need to tighten up, there were A LOT of looks, when I took my sweatshirt off to train chest and tris. Did the same today for back and bis. In a few more weeks, I think I will train legs in some "homemade" gym shorts made out of old sweat pants. The 1 thing that I am trying to understand is the amount of vascularity I am seeing and I still have at least another 6 months to go before things really look tight. When I was in my peak in 1997-1998 I did not have half the vascularity as what I see now. Anyway, as they say:

1 Goal at a time
1 Set at a time
1 Rep at a time

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Keeping the thread going. SOOOO, what has been happening in my world? Well, A LOT! Work has increased so my routine for working out has been anything but routine! Also I just got over a pinched sciatic nerve that had my right leg in SEVERE pain. < NO fun at all. Was given many meds, including a HEAVY does of Percs! < Getting the does I got is not something that happens on regular basis like it use to be because of the government restrictions. SO one could imagine what the pain was when my BP was taken and it was 185 over 115. The nurse looked at me and said, "I am surprised you are able to even walk". I guess she did not see me barely hobble into the office. Regardless, still at it. Some interesting observations from some gym members. I guess the muscle tones are starting to become profound. Today at the gym I was asked what exercises I do for my shoulders. THAT has not happened in over 16 years now! I was shocked and was almost a loss for an explanation. I stepped the member through my shoulder routine. When I was done explaining the exercises and how many reps for each set, he looked at me and replied, "that explains it". < Listen up members, if you truly want something and desire to have it, you have to go at it with your whole heart! That is how I approach my workouts. I look at each one as the possibility that this may very well be my last workout so it better be my best! If you want to see the results in anything you do, you really need to approach the tasks with the same attitude!
So, weight is still around 235. However my waist is now an impressive 33.3". It is slowly getting there. The problem with age is that fat becomes like people in life. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad. But most of the time it tends to hang around a little longer than it should!
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