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Kettles 10-19-2013 12:05 PM

XJ Transmission Crossmember
To make a long story short, im installing a SYE and new rear shaft next weekend, and I need a new transmission crossmember. I have been playing with a few ideas, and I wanted to throw them out there in case anyone had any suggestions.

FYI, I am designing these based on what I can feasibly make myself, in a reasonable amount of time and minimal expense. Also, these are made to scale in reference to the frame mounting locations. The transmission mounting location off center and bolt pattern are just estimates, I have not measured them yet.

First off was my first idea, which looked better in my head until I modeled it.
Its made from 1/8" plates and 3/4" pipe

Next up is a singe 1" pipe crossmember, super simple design.

ANd third is the hardest to make but by far the most factory type and strongest. 3/16" plate. I would have to make it from 6" wide plate and possibly could use a break at work, but probably would be slot/bend/weld.

So if you have any suggestions or alternatives, I would love to hear it!

The time now is 11:48 PM.

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