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btait1 12-13-2010 11:54 PM

XJ Front Bumper Plans
Hey Guys,

I have always wanted a functional cool looking rock bumper on my 1992 Cherokee Limited. But they are too expensive. so My brother has decided to buy a welder for multiple reasons, and i need some plans/measurements/advice on welding up my own set of bumpers.
i want to keep it kinda simple and cheap.

i was thinking this for the front:
Olympic 4x4 Products 533-151 - Olympic Rock Front Bumper with Hitch for 84-01 Jeep® Cherokee XJ - Quadratec

and this for the rear:
Garvin Industries 34800 - Garvin Industries Rear EXT Series Swing Away Tire Carrier Bumper System for 84-01 Jeep® Cherokee XJ - Quadratec

If anyone has done something like this before, please chime in! I mainly want to have hitches front and rear for a future winch mounted on a hitch reciever

Green4dr 12-13-2010 11:59 PM

look here for some ideas if you plan on recovering make sure you look at the jcr tie in brackets and make something similiar. Jeep Cherokee XJ Offroad Bumpers, Rocker Panel Guards & Vehicle Armor
JcrOffroad, Inc.

XJTino 12-14-2010 03:53 PM

Well, if you have a welder, you are off to a good start. If you don't already have these, get them:

Angle grinder - get at least 1 good one. You'll use this tool SOOO much.
Good corded 1/2" Drill - Again don't get a cheap one, a nice one will last you years and years
Drill bits - Either go with a nice set of Black Oxide ones or Cobalt.
Jig Saw w/ metal blades

With these tools you can fab most things.

Use cardboard cut outs to mock up your pieces. If you want something more rigid, and if you have access to it, use scrap sheet metal or aluminum.

As far as ideas for the bumper:
Use Tube - sure they may not look as cool as some of the plate ones, but they are easy to build and super strong. I would go with a 2" x 5" or 2" x 6" with 1/8"-1/4" Wall

Through Tube Shackle Tabs - don't be lazy and weld your shackle tabs to the front surface of your bumper. Any lateral load on the tab will pull it off. Cut a hole through your tube on both sides and weld that sucker in so it won't go anywhere.

Tie in brackets - Don't only mount your bumper to the stock mounting location. Go all the way back and grab the bolts for the steering box. The JCR tie-in plates as mentioned above by Green4dr are perfect

Here are some drawings of my winch bumper

The large green piece is the stock front crossmember. You can see how many bolts hold it in place to the uniframe

The smaller green pieces help protect the the uniframe from crushing by spreading the load out

Here is a shot of almost what it turned out to be

Here it is finished and in use. I added a small hoop (wish I had made it bigger to I could actually see it from inside...)

I can't afford a winch yet, so I use it as a place to hold...stuff

PAFirefighter11 12-14-2010 04:36 PM

I LOVED my OR-Fab bumper - so much so I ran it on both my XJ's! I hate tube bumpers but I beat the piss out of them and they held up great!

Shots of my other XJ are blocked here at work so I can't link it :(

emresarac 06-20-2013 07:41 AM

is it possible to share these 3D's with me?

The time now is 03:31 AM.

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