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cherokeeshrop91 11-27-2013 09:35 AM

Fab of Jeep liberty kj, kk fenders?
alright guys,
- Before i get started i know there is a mixed market for the liberty kj and kk as far as offroad vehicle wise things go, thats being said now to get to the real topic.
- The 08 through 2012 liberty kk's design is somwhat similar to the old xj look. and although there are not a mass number of people with liberty's who offroad there is a decent number of people who do.. what im wondering is if anyone has considered the idea of fabbing up different fender flares for the kj or kk. maby its not practical because of the limitations on lift and flex travel being the ifs, but im sure there are some other people on here who might like the idea. while im not able to fab anything up myself. i'm thinking if this idea makes enough interest shown, maby someone else would decide to take on the idea of it.
- So let me know any ideas or thoughts on the subject. just an idea so please no bashing. but thanks for any and all input guys...

AtTheHelm 11-27-2013 09:56 AM

At one time I thought about it, but you wouldn't gain much because of how the wheel wells are esp at the rear. On the front you'd pretty much have to replace the stock bumper plus turn sigs.
Its possible but it would be a lot of work and expensive.

cherokeeshrop91 11-27-2013 02:53 PM

Atthehelm, i like alot of your work for the kk. i understand what you mean about having to change alot on the front. hmm, the question is, is there enough demand for aftermarket bumpers being bought that later if someone fabbed them up people would be interested in buying flares? basically do you think as the kk gets older, the interest of offroading the kk will increase like with some of the other jeeps and make a market for more fabbed up parts?

AtTheHelm 11-27-2013 06:44 PM

Thanks For what they would cost to build and market compared to how many people would buy them, I can't see any company taking that on. I found a little niche for the bumpers, but the orders come in so slow that it actually works out great for me because I do them on the side.
There is someone who made some tube flares for a KJ, as far as I know he just made one set for himself. Iirc you can see them in the fabrication section over at, his name is Kjwildman.

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