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jhurt 06-16-2013 12:00 PM

All-Star (Century) mig welder
A guy I work with is looking to sell his All-Star mig welder...was wondering if anyone has used one or has an opinion? It looks like it's a renamed Century 117-002 welder, made in USA. He also has a spool gun he'll throw in and he wants $300 with a cart and cover as well.

I already have a Hobart AC/DC stick welder so I'm covered for heavier steel, I'm just looking for something to weld lighter gauge steel a little cleaner and maybe aluminum. I'd need to get a tank for argon and some wire but other than that everything comes with it. He said it works well but he wants something that takes up less space and he has access to a large TIG machine anyway so he hasn't used it in a few years.

Good deal?

jhurt 06-25-2013 10:45 AM

After a bit more research I learned that this was also marketed as a Snap-On welder and a Craftsman welder some years ago. I found a photobucket picture of what it is...does this help anyone ID it or remember using one?? Still drawing a blank here...

The time now is 04:48 AM.

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