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8pitcher 06-19-2013 12:09 AM

probably another coilover thread
Ive been tossing the idea around with my dad since February when i took him out wheeling out on the rocks for his first time. but we have been thinkin about building a coilover jeep, ever since we saw a coilover tj there (made my all stock JK at the time wimpy):rofl:
we have a frame from a 1983 cj7 that i parted out sitting in the yard the back axle arches are rusted to ****. but that is no big deal because we were going to cut it off anyway and stretch it and tube it back. the rest of the frame is in great shape due to a leaky tranny and engine:thumbsup: ;) besides the body mounts which we would cut off and rebuild later when it comes time. i got a killer deal on a 14 bolt rear and dana 44 front for $300 together. i would sell the 44 front and buy a 60 front that a buddy has for $300. i would truss them and lock em and such and then link them. thinkin 4 link rear and 3 or 4 up front. my dad and i would fab and weld everything. my question is does the coilover placement as in perpindicular to the world the better way to go or should it be angled forward toward the engine, or back toward the rear? this goes for the rear axle because having the front axle coilover perp to the world seems logical. and if im forgetting anything let me know i just came on these axle deals monday but im jumpin on them before they are gone.:2thumbsup:

DualPurposeXJ 06-22-2013 04:16 AM

You want your shocks to be 90 degrees (vertical) at full bump

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