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cj4dummyz 05-28-2013 11:22 PM

Electrical & Vac Streamlining?
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PLEASE HELP: Electrical & Vac Line Streamlining (82CJ7)...

What electrical components and vac lines can I get rid of and still have this jeep run well using these components?: Weber carb (K551,32/36DGEV) Kwik Wire Wiring Harness
Stock ignition components

I need some expert advice or a mechanic or a new bottle of exedrin... Or all three.

I have an 82 CJ-7 that I've taken completely apart and restored everything I can see and upgraded and rebuilt all that I can. I have my first kid coming soon so I need to make this thing run, hopefully using what I have on hand. Will try to include pics.

It's easy to get off track here because this is a 2-3 part question that I need simplified for my wrench turning brain. I've been okay and had fun upgrading the suspension, the axles, brakes, lines, fuel system, hubs, exhaust, welding, painting, and helping a friend rebuild the engine, but I've gotten to a point that has my mind all over the place.

We have cleaned, replaced, regasketed alot of the engine, put a new alternator in, new belts, optima battery, fuel pump, ignition coil, distributor cap, rotor, plugs, & wires from autozone, Weber K551 (32/36DGEV) carb, new motorcraft ICM, new starter solenoid, & new starter motor. "AC components removed" according to PO. Would like to keep the heater. Want to get rid of the sensors like 02 and whatever other electrical components I can get away with and get rid of as much unnecessary vac lines as possible. Looked into nutter bypass and team rush upgrade. Some threads say that an HEI or MSD ignition is necessary but I don't feel like spending an extra $500 if I don't have to. I have a kwik wire wiring harness and don't want to have to get a different one and start over. And there's also a "mystery box" that's rusty and says AMC in green letters on it that I can't identify. Junction block? Idk. Was on driver side inner fender.

To sum it up... Before I start setting all of this up, I want to know if the parts I have will work together and what I can get rid of and still have this thing start & run right, have the lights work, heat work, & gauges work.

*Kwik Wire Harness
*Weber K551(32/36DGEV)
*Stock ignition components replaced with ordinary autozone parts
*Motorcraft ICM
*AMC "mystery box"
*Missing some sensors (02 & others)
*Still have old vac lines, air filter housing, and wires but everything has been removed, chopped up, dismantled

What can go? What can stay? Nutter bypass? HEI? MSD? Team rush? And what is the AMC box?

If anyone can come up with a solution for how I can set this all up, then myself, my pregnant girlfriend (who wants this done ASAP) and the little guy or girl inside her uterus all thank you immensely. If you post pictures, I'll buy you a case of beer (if you live in Connecticut;). Thanks. ~Paul

cj4dummyz 05-28-2013 11:23 PM

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"Aforementioned Mystery Box"

Matt in TN 06-08-2013 08:08 AM

That mystery box is your ignition module. I just replaced mine for around $30.

I capped off my EGR valve, and disconnected my charcoal canister. I'm thinking I'm going to reconnect my charcoal canister if I can find all the parts though - it stinks of gas most of the time.

Why not just hook up everything and be done with it?

The time now is 11:31 PM.

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