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gowestwardho 06-20-2013 09:55 PM

Any '12 GC Overland Trailer Charging Experts Out There? (Can't get a straight answer)
I have a 2012 GC Overland with the Trailer Tow Pkg IV

I am hooking up a Travel Trailer and am totally confused by al the mis-information on whether or not this vehicle comes with the trailer charge line already connected or not? (It should be the 1:00 position (first position on the upper-right) on female vehicle end of connector). It's also known as the Black/Red 12V pin.

I've been told each of the following scenarios (who knows if any of them are correct?):

A) It's already hooked up at the factory. OR

B) The wire is looped and tied under the drivers-side rear cargo cover. OR

C) All you need is to install a 30A fuse... OR

D) You need to run a 12G heavy duty wire all the way from the positive battery terminal to this pin on the female plug end. OR

E) Look under the Master Cylinder for a tapped lead that you bolt on to an empty terminal in front of the fuse block under the hood and install a 30 or 40A fuse)

See why I'd be so confused? Honestly, today I took it into Jeep for an oil change and asked them to make sure the 1:00 position pin was set for charging the trailer AND THEY HAD NO CLUE WHAT I WAS FREAKIN' TALKING ABOUT!

I'm picking up the trailer to leave in les than a week. I already order my own Tekonsha Brake Controller to install myself otherwise I'd ask the trailer place to handle the battery charge led issue. But now there's no sense in doing that if I hope to plug-n-play my own brake controller.

I really didn't think a pre-wired GC Overland with Tow IV would still have so many unanswered questions! I have to believe there is either s wire somewhere that just need be connected, or a fuse that just needs to be added, in order to have my trailer batteries charged while running - but man is it hard to learn the TRUTH. Anyone out there know for SURE what the '12 GC Overland TT pkg IV has?...and what I need t o look for and do?


jp360cj 06-21-2013 07:00 AM

I just wired a new 7 pin on an old trailer I just bought. In no particular order this is what each pin is for:

Left turn
Right turn
Reverse lights

I'll try to find the instructions that show which pin is which. But the way I see it, there are only 2 that could possibly charge the battery, the one for the brakes or the aux. Most likely its the aux. I would install the brake controller, get a test light and check for power on each one. I doubt the brake pin would have and power without pushing the brake. If the aux is the only thing with power when the switch is on, but all lights and brake off then it most likely to be the one.

Also, call the trailer dealer and ask them where the battery charges from to verify.

The time now is 11:16 AM.

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