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05Unlimited 03-12-2012 10:49 PM

Campbell's Creek
Not sure if this has been posted or not but the best place I know of in the Charleston area is basically Malden Mountain, accessible from Campbell's Creek Drive (yes, it's where the sniper shootings happened a few years ago). Beware, it is a redneck area and you should be armed or have buddies along and not foolishly wheel on your own as I have. It's more of a motorcycle and 4-wheeler thing (pipeline trails) but I love it. You can basically go all the way to the end of Campbell's Creek Drive and will be introduced to lots of options. I personally like to take a right at about the halfway point of CC Drive onto the road after the Exxon station where the shooting happened (Spring-something road or something lol), go a few miles and take a right up on the hill past the old mill ...whatever it is (it's kind of obvious that it's a good trail head). Say a mile or so when you reach the top you then want to bear right and continue out the trail that terminates at a pipeline service area (it's a nice little overlook with some very steep but short hill climbs around it). It's been a couple years since I've been out there so forgive me for not having better info. If you want to go to the actual Malden Mountain instead of bearing right where I said to you go straight the rest is too confusing to give directions on but if you just follow your way to higher ground you'll find it. There are some roller coaster like ridge runs that are really fun on the way out to it.

Just Google map it (use Sat view as well) and you'll be able to see the trails. Also, take a look at the Belle area on a Topographical map and you'd get the idea ....miles and miles of pipeline trails. Pretty good ridge-running and hill climbs but nothing real serious. You can kind of make it as serious as you want (take the hard line or the easy one) but there's not much rock stuff that I know of. Anyway, if you can't find some pretty good wheeling off of Campbell's Creek Drive then you'd have trouble finding sand at a beach lol.

I know I said it's redneckish and yes it's "out the holler" but once you get up on the ridges you'll like it, kind of scenic and I know of a few spots (the "actual" Malden Mountain wih the tower on it for one) that have nice views. One spot clealy shows the John Amos plant some ~25 miles away as the crow travels, and downtown Charleston is in the foreground (best viewed when leaves aren't on the trees).

You see a little of everything out there, dune buggies, side by sides, bikes, 4-wheelers ....not so many Jeeps and other full size 4x4's but the trails are plenty big.

So ....I thought I'd mention it in here! Happy Jeepin' buds!

05Unlimited 03-13-2012 02:52 PM

Go due East a few degrees and North slightly to find the ~400 foot tower on top of the hill (not really technically Malden Mountain but a little East and North of it's a cool find). It's off of Simmons Creek Road. Note the myriad of trails near Upper Witcher School and as Campbell's Creek Drive terminates. Actually, there is some challenging stuff out there if you're willing to spend a day or two to look around. You could drive for a week out there and not cover it all.

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