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cm11lsdv 03-08-2013 12:19 AM

Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L WK Hemi Turbo
Had a guy that wants to buy it, but he needs to wait on his tax return. But it's first come, first served! PM or email.

What you get:

Complete piping system from the cat flange to the exhaust drop behind the passenger rear tire (hot side), and the piping from compressor outlet to throttle body inlet (cold side).
I will include a resonator that you can use or have your own choice of muffler/tip installed.
Double V-Band 60MM wastegate installed, and a 50MM BOV installed.
All the silicone couplers, SS coupler T-Bolt clamps, and SS Exhaust clamps.
Scavenge oil pump system including the pump, oil lines (new), oil filter feed adapter plate. Oil Scavenge pump control box and wiring harness.
All mounting hardware and instructions.
System is designed to use a T4/T4 T-70 through T-76 turbo.

What you need:

Turbo of your choice (go cheap or go expensive, your choice)
Injectors, water/meth injection pump and spray nozzle, tuning.

The complete system new is $4,595!

Story: I purchased it from the the company, North Coast Turbo Systems, like this. Wasn't used for that long at all, only a few thousand miles. It was a prototype kit from NCTS and this was removed to put on a production kit. Most of it is new, but some parts are used, so I have to sell it as used so the new parts will be a nice surprise. I was going to use it on my Jeep but I traded it in before I could. NCTS took it off a Jeep that went 13.2 in the quarter, so that was a nice amount power since that's what SRT8s run. Just looking to unload it, not doing me much good, willing to take a loss on it for a quick sale, as I have over $2K invested in it.

Price: $1750 picked up! Willing to ship, but it's very heavy.


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