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ohvkj 04-18-2013 09:26 PM

Meet and greet @ Chatterbox 4/19
Hey guys the Jersey Jeepers will be having a little meet and greet at the Chatter Box tomorrow. It is at the corner of Rt.206 & Rt. 15

Chatter Box - Hang out / Eat / Chill

All - As agreed we are trying to create a few sanctioned events that are during the week and outside our "normal" weekend stuff. With that said we are having an adhoc get together Friday at the Chatter Box!! We'll be just chilln' and eating. Hopefully it will be a nice night and we can hang outside.

Friday April 19th

Chatter Box
1 New Jersey Rt15 (Ross's corner)
Augusta, NJ 07822
(973) 300-2300

6:45PM at the Chatter Box

Alternate Meeting Location!!:
Some people will be meeting James (OHVKJ) at the ITC Walmart, Flanders NJ, Off of rt. 206 Ready to leave by 6:00PM ish and drive up from there. Look for the white jeep below. I will be close to the McDonalds. Please text me if you want to come by!

The time now is 04:40 PM.

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