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RockHardKnobs 11-11-2012 06:13 PM

Hello I am new here
I want to reach out to Jeep owners because I have a new product that I think people will love.

I make real Rock shift knobs that fit some CJ AND YJ Jeeps

I sell them on Ebay.

Take a look at them and tell your friends.

Let me know if you want one for a jeep not listed and I will make one to fit your jeep.


RockHardKnobs 11-11-2012 06:21 PM

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Here is a photo of one

grandboost98 11-12-2012 06:08 AM

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I think theres already a vendor on this forum that sells those but good luck with sales

fatso 11-13-2012 07:02 PM

Pretty cool but won't fit my broadomatic! Good Luck!

Rich G 11-13-2012 07:22 PM


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