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CTcherokee96 09-18-2012 07:48 PM

Anybody help a fellow Jeep guy out???
I have a 96 cherokee auto that I believe the flex plate is cracked/broken. Makes a terrible noise coming right from that area in Park, can move in reverse but noise is still loud, neutral it goes away, and in drive it stalls out.

After some research that's what I'm guessing. So I guess I'm here to ask for any input you guys have if you think it's something different?

Also if anyone from ct can help me fix it if it is the flex plate? I don't have a lot of $$ but I can pay or buy pizza/beer!

Any input/help just give me a shout on here thanks guys

rabblerouser 09-18-2012 10:42 PM

underneath the jeep on the bellhousing is usually an inspection cover. best suggestion would be to pop that off and take a gander at your flywheel. make sure to spin the crank so you can see all of the flexplate, either by pulling the plugs and spinning it, or pull the fuel pump fuse, start it, let it die, and then bump starting.

The time now is 04:28 PM.

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